Joe And Melissa Gorga’s Montville Tenant Says Lawsuit Could Have Been Avoided


As we previously reported, Joe and Melissa Gorga told the judge that they want to move back in their Montville mansion as they have been battling with the current tenant of the home, Kai Patterson.

But Patterson is claiming what happened in the courtroom is totally different than what the media reported.

“I got a fair and favorable order by the Judge yesterday,” Patterson says. “The Judge never said or alleged that Mr. Gorga was getting their property back in 17 days, or the Judge would have ordered an eviction yesterday that would require the removal in 17 days. Nowhere in the order was an eviction granted.”

RealityTea reports Patterson is also disgusted with the inflated payments the Gorgas are claiming he owes them.

“For the record, we have always maintained the rent Mr. Gorga owed was only $25,000 and not $80,000 or $180,000 as was written by numerous publications,” he adds. “I have attached a copy of the order to enable you to see and I have previously sent you numerous releases that represented the only amount of unpaid rent was $25,000, which is what the Judge agreed to require I pay. Mr. Gorga thought he could require I pay more than what was owed, and his attorney tried to provide several unfounded arguments to represent I owed more than what I was required to pay, which the court denied.”

“I had an original cashiers check for $25,000 that was drafted on July 5, 2014 in the name of Mr. Gorga, but the court agreed to allow the funds to be posted with the court, which means the funds don’t go to Mr. Gorga,” he continues. “He has to make an application for the funds, and we are going to file a motion to prevent him from receiving the funds, until the repairs are made and we go back into court in 16 days.”

Patterson claims Gorga could have avoided all the drama. “Unless there is some huge administrative error, I don’t see how the State of New Jersey is going to release a dime of those funds I posted to Mr. Gorga,” he says. “He had a chance to make the repairs and never allow this drama to develop, which I’m sure he did as a publicity stunt and to create a smokescreen to avoid make the needed repairs, which have been confirmed as deficiencies in the home inspection I provided to him and the court. To prevent making the repairs, Mr. Gorga has tried to label me a squatter, but squatters don’t pay what I’ve paid him; they pay nothing.”

He continues, “I can and always have provided documents to support everything I’ve stated unlike Mr. Gorga, who believes the media will print anything he says, without any supporting proof. Unlike the Gorgas and their attorneys, yesterday we came with all of the documents. I was surprised they were so unprepared. They did have people ready to lie on their behalf, but the Judge did not allow their testimony. They brought a representative from some pool company to say I was provided with a copy of the pool design, which I was required to receive prior to taking possession of the property, in hopes of the Judge requiring I pay $100,000 towards the installation of a pool. They brought another person to allege that I purposely broke the sprinkler system on June 26, 2014 to miss court, although the same broken sprinkler system caused their water bill to exceed over $9000 between October 2013 – March 2014. They even asked my realtor to lie and misrepresent the interpretation of the lease in hope they could fool the court in to believing I owed more than I was required to pay.”

Photo Credit: Bravo