Joe And Melissa Gorga Plagued With Financial Troubles


Joe and Melissa Gorga showed off the lot where they planned to build their dream home on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but according to a new report, the couple’s financial issues have become a big concern and that the project hasn’t even started.

“Joe and Melissa are still living in the rental house, and haven’t even broken ground on their new house. There has been no movement on the project, and the lot still sits empty, with no work being done,” an insider tells RadarOnline.

“Plans for the new house are now on hold because of ongoing financial troubles plaguing the Gorgas,” the source adds.

The insider also reveals that Melissa was forced to give up the Bentley she was driving while filming the show.

“The Bentley was leased by Joe and Melissa, and was strictly done for the show,” the source said. ”They felt pressure to make their lifestyle appear to be something it definitely wasn’t. The lease was just too expensive at $5,000 a month, and they had to turn it back in early.”

The couple “was given a free used Mercedes by a local car dealer, in exchange for shooting scenes at the dealership,” the source said. “The scene in which Joe shows Melissa their new trash truck was filmed at the Mercedes dealership.”

Photo Credit: Bravo