Joe & Melissa Gorga Move Back To Their Montville Home


RHONJ stars Joe and Melissa Gorga had big plans to build their dream home in Franklin Lakes, NJ, but a new report reveals that the Gorgas have moved back into their Montville mansion, where lived when they began filming the show.

Melissa and Joe entered into a lease to purchase agreement with Kai Patterson in 2013, and they started construction on their new home. But the tenant later claimed he discovered thousands of dollars in repairs that were needed when he began the home inspection.

The Gorgas were renting a smaller home in Franklin Lakes while they waited for their dream home to be built, but earlier this year Joe attempted to evict Patterson based on the claim of non-payment of rent. The judge denied Gorga’s request.

The land where the Gorgas planned to build their new home is now on the market for $1.2 million, RadarOnline reports.

Patterson has moved out of the mansion, and because Melissa and Joe were stuck with the bills they have moved their family back into the home.

Montville Neighbor Alex Glushanok tells the site that the Gorgas introduced themselves to residents in the neighborhood and informed them that they’d be filming on the street.

“We’re anticipating what is going to happen,” he told Radar. “We don’t want there to be disruption with trucks, traffic and cameras. But nobody asked our permission so there’s no point worrying about it now.”

Melissa was excited to reveal on Instagram that her family was back home in Montville and says she’s never leaving again.

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11 Replies to “Joe & Melissa Gorga Move Back To Their Montville Home”

  1. If, and that’s a big if, Joe and Melissa had any sense, they would fix any problems in the Montville home and sell it, sell the Jersey Shore place and use any profit to buy a more modest but quite comfortable home outright for cash. Then they should cut way back on all the luxury cars, clothes, shoes, and stuff that DOES NOT MATTER one iota and start saving some serious cash, for when the cameras go away and their 15 minutes of fame is over and they really really have to earn a living. And if, Joe Gorga is anything, even a smidgen, like his brother in law in any of his business practices, he better pray he isn’t caught, and he better turn his life around, because it WILL catch up to him. Just a thought, but I have serious doubts that these ego driven fools will ever be that cautious.

  2. Lol! Melissa wanted that New customer built home like a fat kid wants cake.. She is really playing it up now that she had to move into her old Mansion. Poor Melissa.. HA!

  3. What problems they have – a home to live in – a good paying job – food n the table – a warm home. So sad to be doing so poorly – NOT! Lets look at the bigger picture here – there are kids going to bed hungry and cold – THAT is reality my friends.

  4. If you loved this house so much Melissa, why were you moving – maybe because the place was falling apart? Who built your house Melissa? Was it Joe? The only reason you say you are never moving again is because YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO. The viewers out here are not stupid so you can stop this happy bulls__ t.

  5. Do the Gorga’s own the lot/land in Franklin Lakes to sell for profit? Another blogger (famewhorgas) had the lot at 101 Jasmine Court in Franlin Lakes, NJ as being owned by I.T.L. Reality. When Joey went to obtain the permits needed to build the house it has him as owner under I.T.L. Reality and some other company over I.T.L. Reality. I could be wrong but I think the Gorga’s never owned the lot to build their second dream home on. I’m sure they wished that the Bravo platform given to them would have brought in millions to purchase the lot but it hasn’t.

    Melissa’s Bravo business adventures haven’t did well. Her singing career that was handed to her didn’t fair well and left her looking like a joke. Her book made the 2013 worst books of the year in the “Entertainment Weekly” magazine and, again, made her an evan bigger joke! Her HSN costume jewelry wouldn’t make her rich enough to afford a new house in the millions.

    I agree with Karen’s comment above that the Gorga’s need to sell what they can and save all that can be saved after securing a home for their family. Not a mansion but a home they can afford once the Bravo platform is taken away from them. You know a house that they rented type of home. The Bravo paychecks seem to be on hold for the cast. For their kids sake I hope the Gorga’s are given one last chance to get a Bravo check and one last chance to use the platform to promote what next product they want to sell.

  6. Hmm? Wait, wasn’t she moving away to get her kids away from Teresa’s children? I guess she got tired of storing her shoes in the kitchen cabinets.. These two will be going to prison next—shady people…..
    Loser wannabe’s riding on Tre’s coat-tails…No talent idiots….

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