Joe And Melissa Gorga Discuss Cheating Rumors With Bethenny


Melissa and Joe Gorga appeared on Bethenny Wednesday and the RHONJ star dished on her controversial new book, Love Italian Style. Bethenny didn’t hesitate to ask Melissa right away about her theory that men should be treated like kings by their wives. “If you treat your man like the king, you will be his queen. If he’s happy, if he’s satisfied, he feels like he’s got everything he needs. It’s not just about happy in the bedroom, it’s about respect, honesty, treating him like he runs the show but yet I’m really runnin’ the show,” Melissa said.”It’s about loyalty, it’s about complimenting him, he compliments me back.”

After a controversial passage from Melissa’s book was released suggesting she is promoting martial rape, Bethenny asks Joe, “Does that mean she never turns you down in the bedroom?” Joe said, “No, not really. She fights it sometimes. She fights it, but I always win.”

When Bethenny brought up the cheating rumors that have been surrounding the Gorgas this season on RHONJ they both said the rumors haven’t affected them, but Melissa added, “It’s not so much about the rumors, it’s more about where did it come from and who’s starting this.”

Joe adds, “We’re married and I come home and her phone’s there and I never look through it. I trust her. If we didn’t have trust, I wouldn’t have married her. I couldn’t go to work every day and worry about my wife  I can’t be successful doing that.”

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