Joe Gorga & Joe Giudice Fist Fight!

Joe Gorga

Yesterday we reported that Joe Gorga publicly said there has been no peace between the Giudices and Gorgas on The Real Housewives of New Jersey in Season 5. Now, TamaraTattles has new exclusive information on how the producers of the show are trying to get the family to make peace after two Seasons of full blown fighting. The site reports that producers sent the Giudices, Gorgas, and Wakiles to Lake George in the Adirondack in upstate New York so they can iron their problems out “once and for all.” Tamara reports “things went okay for a short time,” but then there was an argument and Joe Gorga called his sister “trash” and Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga got into a “fist fight!”

Celebuzz also has details about the physical fight! The site reports that the cast trip to Lake George got ugly very fast. “Joe Gorga charged at Joe Giudice, and Joe Giudice put him in a chokehold,” a source reveals. “Joe Giudice punched Joe Gorga in the side, twice. Teresa was there, but she left the room mid-fight,” the source continues.

The source from Celebuzz notes that Caroline Manzo left the cast trip in Lake George after a day, while her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita opted not to go on the trip at all. Kathy Wakile and her husband, Rich, were the only other castmates who stayed for the entire trip.

Tamara reports that Teresa asked Caroline to help mediate the situation while her brother and husband were fighting, and Caroline was able to put out the fire… at least temporarily. The family continues to smile in front of the cameras and the backstabbing behind the scenes continues, an insider reveals. To read Tamara’s full story on the situation you can click here.

Photo Credit: Bravo