Joe Gorga Hints At A Spin-Off Show! Was He Kidding?

Ears perked up when Real Housewives of New Jersey husband/brother Joe Gorga hinted at a spin-off show. A fan tweeted him saying, “@joegorga u neeeed a spin off show! Ur hilarious.” Joe replied with, “Its coming an its going to 2 be the funniest sh*t u have ever see who will watch.” Amongst the typos, is Joe hinting that the Gorga’s are getting their own spin-off show?  This confused us, especially because all of the ladies, including Melissa, have been invited back for Season 5 of RHONJ. Check out the tweet screenshot below.

Tell Us- Do you think The Gorga’s should get a spin-off? Do you think Joe was just kidding?

Photo Credit: Bravo/@joegorga


One Reply to “Joe Gorga Hints At A Spin-Off Show! Was He Kidding?”

  1. In his dreams him and Melissa get a spin off…he is saying that to tick off Teresa who there has been much talk about a spin off for Teresa ….who wants to see Melissa pretend to be a singing star and shorty gorga and his filthy talk and him pulling down his pants in public…he is a short stocky ugly little pervert

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