Joe Gorga Gives Update On Father Giancinto Gorga, How Is Teresa Giudice Doing?

Joe Gorga is still reeling from his mother’s death, but the family is sticking together to care for their father now. Reports have claimed that Joe and Teresa Giudice’s father, Giancinto Gorga, has been in the hospital and now Gorga is speaking out about his father’s health.

Joe confirmed his father has “suffered from several ailments” in the past, but also says his dad is doing better now.

“His health is better,” Joe told RadarOnline on March 10th. “We just got him — yeah, he’s doing better.”

As far as how the family is grieving the loss of his mother, Antonia, he said, “We loved our mother very, very, very much. She’s a wonderful woman. Nobody’s happy. We’re all hanging in there.”

“Teresa was very strong but it was emotional,” another source said. “She is crushed about her mom’s death.”

Our prayers go out to the Gorga and Giudice families.

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3 Replies to “Joe Gorga Gives Update On Father Giancinto Gorga, How Is Teresa Giudice Doing?”

  1. Just when you think this family might start seeing a bit of light, they lose their mom and now must worry about their father. So sad…..

  2. Their grief seems overwhelming as I know it is. I feel so sad for them all & especially for their poor ailing father. God be their comfort.

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