Joe Gorga, Chris Laurita Fight With John Karagiorgis “Johnny The Greek” At POSCHE 2 Opening!


Kim DePaola opened her second POSCHE Boutique on March 30th in Ridgewood, NJ, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey cameras were there to capture a bad brawl between some of the men. Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga got into a serious physical altercation with Johnny Karagiorgis.

Johnny is married to Penny Drossos, and even though Penny isn’t an official Housewife, the couple has a history with RHONJ. Penny’s salon, La Chateau Allure, was the setting for Kim D and Teresa Giudice’s strippergate sit down in Season 4, and Penny is reportedly the person who knows Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen, the man who claims Melissa cheated on Joe Gorga.

Wetpaint Entertainment reports Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita, and Caroline Manzo were all filming at Posche 2, which is also part of the Moxie Salon, on Saturday, and eyewitnesses reveal it didn’t take long before punches were being thrown.

Wetpaint reports that Joe Gorga and Chris Laurita went after Johnny first. Joe was supposedly angry because he thought Johnny was setting Melissa up by bringing her ex-boyfriend, Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen back into the picture, and Bulldog’s numerous tweets to Penny and Johnny suggest they are friendly.

Chris Laurita, on the other hand, was reportedly irate because Johnny allegedly said something insulting about the Laurita’s 3-year-old autistic son, Nicholas. Johnny denied saying anything about Nicholas on Twitter, tweeting he would never say anything about a child.

Jacqueline Laurita reportedly got involved in the brawl too. RealityTea reports “Jacqueline kicked off her shoes and hopped up on a chair then bitchslapped Johnny on the back of his head with her left hand.”

The other women stayed out of the brawl, but Caroline Manzo was overheard telling the producers that she was very worried for Jacqueline’s safety. Chris, Joe, and Albie Manzo were out for blood… literally.

The fight only lasted a few minutes but by the time it was all over the salon was completely trashed (sinks ripped from the wall and broken glass everywhere) and Johnny was bleeding and badly bruised.

Johnny took to Twitter to reveal that he was being held back by security while being attacked, and that this fight is not over. “Anyone who attacks someone while being held by 4 security makes you a coward. PERIOD!!! NOT OVER!!!”


RadarOnline has details on how the fight started. A witness tells the site, “Joe Gorga approached a guy named Jonathan Karagiorgis and confronted him about all the things he’s said about Melissa on Twitter, and Jonathan admitted he was writing about her. As the two guys were arguing, Joe asked Jonathan where he got all his misinformation and Jonathan replied, ‘Why don’t you ask your sister?’”

Then, Chris Laurita joined Joe and confronted Jonathan over allegations that the Laurita’s lied over their son, Nicholas’ autism diagnosis. “Jonathan was not backing down, and that’s when they all started to exchange blows! Jacqueline kicked off her shoes and bitch smacked Jonathan on the back of his head! This is where the Manzo boys and Lauren Manzo jumped in out of nowhere to break up the fight!”

”Bowls were broken, glass everywhere,” the eyewitness said, and revealed the fact that Teresa and Joe Giudice were there watching the fight unfold! “Even though Teresa was blamed for the fight, and Jonathan said she was the one telling him all of the gossip about Melissa, she and Joe didn’t do a thing, they just watched it all unfold and didn’t even step in to try and stop the fight! the source adds.

Finally security stepped in and “escorted a very bloody Jonathan out of the party. There was blood everywhere, on the floor and even on the walls.”

I heard of the fight Sunday afternoon and my sources echo everything stated above. My insider tells me, “They wrecked the place. You have no idea how bad it was.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. LOLOLOL it’s amazing what people will do to get that Bravo paycheck! *yawns* WTFever Bravo! OK I believe you all!! But if the Greek guy did get beat up..he should sue Bravo and the rest. Outta control!!!

  2. Just the fact that you guys still watch this set up garbage and call it REALIty does not say much for any of you.. All these morons are getting paid in one way or another to do stupid stuff ( to remain on the show) so you can’t wait to see the next episode.. Do your own research.. Do NOT live the way the government wants you to live.. (brain dead) Johnny the Greek has two children and would never in his life say or joke about any child.. He believes in “what comes around, goes around”.. Now all of you that insist on watching such garbage so the morons (reality show cast) can make them selves some more money and pretend to be someone important.. Watch it for entertainment.. Think of it as a soap opera.. Cause it is all a bunch of b.s. with bad actors and I myself would prefer to watch real shows and movies and let REAL actors get paid to entertain me the right way…

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