Joe Gorga Bites Joe Giudice’s “Nuts” In Fist Fight! Melissa Compares Teresa To Saddam Hussein…


In this preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we see the Giudice and Gorga families react to the fist fight between Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga. Visibly shaken we see Melissa and Joe in their room, and Melissa tells Joe, “No more of this fixing, this is my family too, you understand me? Those three babies are mine too!” Melissa continues, “I’m done! They’re not normal. Guess what? Saddam Hussein, that’s someone’s brother too! That doesn’t mean he’s a good person.”

In Teresa and Joe’s room, Joe tells Teresa, “He came at me babe. He tried to slam me and I threw him into the f***ing wall.” Teresa says, “It’s ridiculous!” And Joe says, “I swear to God babe, he was grabbing and biting my nuts. He was biting my f***ing nuts!”

“What else could I have done? I want to work it out,” Teresa tells her husband. “But he calls his sister scum? He called me garbage, I let it go. He said at least I don’t call my wife a c**t, really? I want to know what did I do?!”

Watch their reactions below!

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32 Replies to “Joe Gorga Bites Joe Giudice’s “Nuts” In Fist Fight! Melissa Compares Teresa To Saddam Hussein…”

  1. Joe Gorga, was out of line calling his sister scum on national TV. I really don’t blame J. Giudice for blowing his stack. But I believe if Milissa didn’t want on this show so much because she is so jealous of Tre, the family would be so much better off and closer than they are today!

    1. Barbara…. are you serious. what the F does Melissa have to be jealous about. Her husband adores her and their children he treats her with love and respect (not Juicy) Melissa is beautiful sexy and her relationship with her husband is hot and sexy ( I want that too) They make their own money and live within their means (no bankrupcy) She has a career and he has a career (what the hell does Joe Giudice do)? Joe Gorga has a valid drivers license and does not need to use someone else’s to get a license( Juicy is going on trial for fraud for using his brothers id to get a fake one Brilliant Move JUICY ) Melissa and Joe don’t air their dirty laundry all over the magazines for attention and money they dont need it. Wasn’t tre pregnant with a boy?
      Oh yeah now I see it your right……….. REALLY ARE YOU WATCHING THE SAME SHOW THE REST OF US ARE?

      1. Hold on Melodie, why would Melissa want to be on a show with her sister-in-law whom she can not stand? So she can have fame. Who would air all their mess on national TV if not for fame and MONEY! She could not stand all the attention they were getting and wanted some of that fame too! Talk about paying their bills…..please! Joe Gorga is being sued by at least 30 contractors for money owed! And the reason they are selling their mansion is because they can’t afford it. They have very little furniture in their house so don’t preach to me about living within their means. Are Tre and Joe perfect, hell no, but if you think Melissa and Joe have it going on you need a reality check!

      2. the show you are watching doesnt exist, , melodie `- face it – no one who reads this site or any of the others for that matter believe for a minute that you are a legitimate fan of melissas – probably jusr being promised a personal connection to her in some way. sorry for you open your eyes

    2. I agree with you 100% I really do , If Messy-Mel just stay away an did her very own thing like she aways did this would Not be going on right now ,”but like you said Mel is a very Jealous person over Teresa an this goes way back when Mel was just seeing Little Boy Joey so really, Then the lies Mel an Truth about the whole family thing shoulda been in the Family ONLY not on TV
      But Mel coulda do that she needed an needed to show she was the play by play Victim an I believe that no one is the Victim at all it’s all of them , Mel needs to stop being Jealous that’s the Botton line .

  2. Come on Tre!! Joe Guidice is at the root of all the family drama going on between the Guidice/Gorga’s. Its sad to see that this is what it had to come down to. Theresa knows her husband is a lying, cheating, snake but she refuses to admit it. After all Tre is never wrong. She told her brother to stick with his blood??? His wif and his kids ARE his blood!!! You dumb ass!! That is his family, regardless if you like it or not. Joe is with Melissa for better or worse. She needs to take a careful look at her husband and his actions…if he’s cheating on you now it’s probably never going to end. Joe Guidice told her he didn’t even want to go on the retreat, he doesn’t care at all. That is not a supportive husband. Joe Gorga had a right to call Tre scum because that is exactly what she is. Regardless of Melissa’s past, she needs to forget about it and move on with her own life. the sooner she leaves Joe for being a sellfish, drunk. Pig, the sooner she can have the happy, whole life she so desperately craves. Theresa needs to wise up, and realize that her husband is the one who is causing all the problems, not Melissa or her brother.

    1. Once a cheater always a cheater…. a zebra never changes their stripes. Joe Giudice is an ignorant moron. Uneducated, disrespectful rude, egotistical. DId you hear the comment he made about Autism? My point is proven

      1. I am 110% with Joe & Melissa. They call each other on things (when Melissa overreacted & tweeted something about Tre), Joe Gorga told her to stop. Guidices=vindictive trash. He called her a c**t. What woman wouldn’t go ballistic over that? Or choose to be in denial that her husband treats her disrespectfully, which is trickling down to their daughters. Tre is NEVER wrong (Joe acts like he never is either). The fact is the people who need the therapy the MOST (like Tre & her husband) will never go. She/husband are unfortunately ugly inside & out. And she has pulled her elderly parents into it as well. She has no understanding of boundaries & protecting her parents. If she had any brains (which she has very few cells left), she would divorce a man who treats her so badly, make every effort to get along with her brother (that means counseling), and get out of the way in the relationship between her brother & parents. But she has poisoned the well.

    2. Maybe you should read Teresa’s blog. In it she explains when she said to “stick with your blood” and “not believe strangers” she was talking about Jacqueline at the Posche fashion show last year. Remember Jacqueline convinced Slo Jo that Teresa set it all up. That’s what she was talking about, not Melissa.

      1. Ho KKH, you must have missed a part of that show. Jaqualine got a text from a friend (who she has not disclosed because she is a good friend) She sent the texts to Joe Gorga giving him the information about the set up. Teresa already admitted she knew about it she is just passing the buck onto J so she can get the heat off of her. Put yourself in their place before you comment. If I had a friend who asked me not to say my name I would expect that she would do just that. When J was talking to Joe and Melissa she was being a friend to them. Remember her relationship with tre had already gone south. Teresa is just really good at deflection. This whole thing would not have happened if Teresa would have grabbed Melissa and said lets get out of here I don’t want you to get hurt. She didnt she wanted Mel to feel the pain. Are you watching the same show the rest of us are?

  3. Yeah Melissa’s crazy. Saddam Hussein?! Come on, Melissa. A bit melodramatic, aren’t we? Comments like hers are the reason that it’s all of your faults. Not just Teresa and Joe Guidice. It’s Melissa and Joe Gorga, too. Don’t call your sister scum, don’t call your sister-in-law a terrorist. Yes, Melissa, a terrorist. Don’t insult their intelligence and smirk and act like you didn’t do anything.
    I used to be all for Melissa but now I’m only here for Antonia. She’s ADORABLE! ♥

  4. Shouldn’t she have said Bin Laden if she was going to call Tre a terrorist? Sudam Hussein is long dead…. Anyhoo, Clearly Melissa didn’t want to fix anything. She came into the retreat with a shitty attitude and likes everyone feeling sorry for her. Even if you are super mad at your siblings you don’t call them scum and if you love them you work it out!

    1. I agree. Melissa had a ****** attitude from the beginning and she knows how impressionable her husband is and how eager he is to please her, so he went to the retreat with a ****** attitude too.

      I don’t understand how this family complains that Teresa doesn’t care. Actually, I think it takes a lot of balls to plan a secluded weekend tucked away with people who are gunning for you. Not to mention, personally calling and inviting them. I think she does care but maybe too much.

      It may also be the reason why Teresa’s husband always says he doesn’t care. He knows how deeply Teresa can get hurt by her family.

      As for Joe calling Teresa scum, Kathy was right, that was uncalled for and I don’t blame Teresa`s husband for getting angry. It didn’t appear like he was going in there to fist fight but had no choice when the brother threw himself at him.

      I really do hope they all work it out.

  5. Kendall, which Marco are you? Lysa or Kim?
    Juicy is the only “real” thing on this “Reality” show, The Teresa Show. Without Tre your sister & her poor excuse of a husband wouldn’t even have the chance to make national asses out of themselves “Go Scratch”.

    1. And Joe and Teresa did not make asses out of themselves… what show were you watching? Joe’s comment about autism was clearly stated out of ignorance.

  6. And those of you who have NEVER made a comment you shouldn’t have about some one apply for saint hood. As far as what he said its built up anger and I don’t blame him. Melissa and Joe and the Giudices need to go their separate ways. there will always be animosity between them because there is a huge amount of jealousy on both sides. As far as Joe Giudice the guy is a moron…. did he say Autism is not a bad disease? He is an ignorant fool who cannot make a clear declarative sentence. He is an uneducated, egotistical, disgusting excuse for a man. Teresa you clearly did not choose well. In 52 years my father has never told me to shut up and he treats me like a woman with respect and love. Those 4 girls are going to grow up having men treat them like crap because that is all they know. What a train wreck of a family. It still makes us watch huh!!!!! who is crazy now..

  7. Melissa is the one responsible for ruining a great show that used to be about leopard prints and bass ass and sexy Jersey women. I used to look forward to watching HWONJ but now I read the tweets first and watch the show after a day or two when there is nothing else on. Each time I watch another episode I feel even more stupid for actually wasting my time.

  8. Melissa is a bad seed and grates on my nerves. I don’t like where she took the hwonj show. It used to be about edgy, sexy and passionate women who had morals! I used to look forward to watching every week. Now I just feel stupid for even being half way interested in the show. I steer clear of people like her so why invite it into my livingroom. It’s ugly stuff.

  9. I have no idea what show you guys have been watching but there was nothing respectful, mature leopard printed jersey woman with class remember Danielle Staub? teresa was a true mature young woman with class don’t you think. All the classy women I know flip tables and run through country clubs picking a fight. Im NO Danielle fan she was a nut case, but this show has been the same since it began. You guys have to take off your rose colored glasses this is craziness from beginning to end never has changed just gotten crazier.

  10. This is disgusting and makes Joe Gorga looks like a dirty fighter. He charged Giudice (and I don’t even like Giudice). And Melissa comparing Teresa to Saddam? Really? What an idiot! For so many reasons.

    1. Did anyone notice that it was actually Melissa that was scratching the crap out of Joe Guidice’s face? She was not the innocent little lady trying to pull them apart, she was fighting dirty just like her nut grabbing, jealous, hateful, ugly husband. These people were jealous of Tre’s fame and got on the band wagon. Melissa is trash and Joe Gorga is her poison filled, pussy whipped lap dog!! He does not respect her anymore than Joe Guidice respects Tre! Unfortunately, I think Tre has her heart in the right place, trying to reconcile with these ungrateful people, after all where would they be had they not jumped on Teresa’s coat tails!? She has been grossly played by the likes of Kim D and she lacks the vocabulary to really get her point across!!

  11. I can’t believe that Im actually answering a comment… Barbara ITS NOT TERESA’s SHOW!! It never was. Bravo knows exactly what they are doing and the fact that you and I are talking about it proves they are doing it all correctly. Everyone of the these people are opportunists, and being an opportunist is not a bad thing. I love opportunities to make money, make friends, etc etc. Teresa did the show to put her cookbooks out, Melissa her singing career, Kathy her baking etc. etc. There is nothing wrong with any of this. You could NEVER EVER make anyone who has a brain believe that they all went on this show to prove that one or the other is a stripper, liar, whore, and so on and so on. Melissa had just a much a right to be here as Teresa. We sit here and comment back and forth about who is right and who is wrong but Bravo knows exactly what they are doing ….. ratings ratings ratings.

  12. One last thing. who cares both of them were wrong for letting the fight get out of hand. They both wanted and have wanted to fight each other for many many years. As far as Joe grabbing Juicy’s crotch thats what I would have done too. Have none of you taken a self defense class before Women what is the first place they tell you to hurt ? Also look at the fight… Joe Gorga’s face was right there what the hell would you have done. That was the smartest thing he could do. You all need to get off the high horse and stop making up stories someone comes at you (whether Joe or Juicy were right or wrong) you go for the groin!!!!!! Smart move Joey Gorga.

  13. No matter what Little Boy Joey had no RIGHT to call his SISTER a Scum at all, some people just don’t get it this FAMILY Joe an Teresa as well their mom,dad are a Very Close Tight Italian Family you just DON’T Talk like that at all to your mom or your Sister that’s how it goes . That Reflex on their mom , dad for little boy Joey too say that I feel bad for their mom an dad an their dad is not well God Bless him , little Joey was wrong to call his sister that it’s sad.

  14. Lori-ann I don’t know what show your watching but there is nothing close nit tight or loving family here. I come from a very large 11 children/37 grandchildren pure blood italian family and we all have our stuff. THis family just chooses to do it in front of a TV. As far as the scum comment your right there is no room for that. i blame the so called experts who sat there watching with their fingers in their mouths. They should have taken control of the whole thing before it ever got to where it is. Ihave been involved in relationship therapy (I am a masters student) the first thing that is taught is “Be Calm and stay in control” Tre pointing her finger, stomping her foot and yelling at her brother was wrong, dead wrong. He said what he said it wasnt nice but oh well. The idea was to get stuff off their shoulders. If the experts had said ok teresa lets try to say what we want to say without anger and aggression. Once Joe said what he said if Tre had just stood there and maybe told him how hurt she was (but Tre’s MO is to walk away, she does it so well) once she told Juicy (this was supposed to be between her and her brother) all hell broke loose. They are all out of control and those experts need to be fired they did a terrible job. I cant believe Im arguing over a tv show. I need therapy.

  15. Hey anonymous I hate to tell you but Im from a sleepy little town outside san francisco in northern california. I watch this show (why I have no idea) but you get sucked into it. My feeling is that we watch these shows so that the issues within our own lives look small and we laugh at our own little stuff. Anyway, I like Melissa not for any reason I just do. Lots of people like Melissa, read the blogs. Im not a Tre fan because I don’t like people who purposely hurt. Teresa is a Narcissist (look it up) and narcissism is a disease. Needs attention, , always needs constant validation, tells stories to make their life bigger than it really is and so on. Many people on this blog and others keep saying Melissa had no business coming on this show. WHY, she had as much right as anyone else. She and Kathy and Tre are all opportunists and that is OK. Being an opportunist is looking for a big break, trying to sell and product etc etc. Kathy and her baking, Melissa and her music and book, Tre her cookbooks, melania hair care. They are all here for whatever reason and so what. Its about their actions on the show. Why do you never see Caroline (don’t accuse me of being a fan) bad mouthing her sister, sister in law etc. She has problems of her own but she chooses not to bring them to the TV. Melissa, and Tre and all have the some opportunity but they would rather make asses out of themselves. That’s ok too. But you have to be ready to accept the consequences. Melissa gets way way way more positive feedback than Teresa ever has. Many people felt sorry for Tre with the whole Danielle situation. She held her own and did fine. Now whomever started this feud and NONE of us know anything about what happened 10 years ago because there was not show and we don’t hear all the personal stuff that goes on. Bravo only puts on the show what will make them ratings. Everyone has fun commenting about this stuff but no one really knows anything about what is going on in that family. For all we know they could be best of friends, loving family and this is all show for us….. it works we are all here talking to each other about it.

  16. Hi Laurie Palmer your so right…… Teresa and Juicy are Narcissists and narcissism cannot be cured without in depth therapy and even then its a small percentage of people who are helped. They will never get therapy because they are above it. None of them cares whether this gets better or not. Im guessing Melissa would love it if they could just move away and never have contact with the Giudices ever again. I would. If this show goes on lets see what happens when teresa’s parents are gone. It will be interesting if it pulls them apart or together.

  17. Joe gorga looked like a hot mess, Melissa is not a good wife because she’s not helping her husband to get along with his sister. In fact Melissa is the troublemaker. Jacqueline is irrelevant and should care about her beautiful son. Rosie is a funny and has a big heart she is the bigger person here because she moved on. Who cares about Joe giudice infidelity if his wife decided to forgive him this is their problem. I want to see the REAL RHONJ not this stupid tv show where people doesn’t know how to behave theirselves.
    Right now I’m on team Kathy and Rich is funny and Rosie too.

  18. Again I feel like an idiot answering but again Im sucked in. Leadee your obviously not married because as a married couple they support each other. Joe Gorga FIRST and FOREMOST is a husband. Yes he has a sister but his loyalty needs to be with his wife. If my brother was hating on my husband I would stand up for my husband. (as long as he was not hurting anyone.) Plus none of it is my brothers business.Teresa should know better. She says she stands by all her husbands antics. She needs to clean house at her home and stop worrying about Joe and Melissa. A man leaves his mother/family and clings to his wife. That is it. Also we are talking about something that happened a year ago so they have moved onto other crap now.

  19. No one believes that story for a moment MooMoo. Besides this story line has been over for weeks. You need to catch up.

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