Joe Gorga Accuses Teresa Giudice Of Taking Their Parents Away! Plus- Source Claims Teresa Brainwashed Her Parents Against Joe & Melissa!

Another sneak peek of what’s to come Sunday on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Part 3. Joe Gorga accuses his sister Teresa of taking their parents away from him, and Jacqueline decides to make a comment which sends Teresa over the edge. Andy and her husband, Chris, tell her to stay out of it. This is the most intense trailer I’ve seen yet. Watch from your phone or computer below.

UPDATE: RadarOnline is reporting Teresa always badmouths Joe & Melissa Gorga to her parents, to keep them on her side. A source close to the family tells RadarOnline, “Teresa claims she never talks about her brother or Melissa to her parents, but that’s a flat out lie. Teresa has put Melissa down and has said horrible things to turn their parents against her, and yes it has worked.” According to this source, Joe is right when he says his kids don’t have grandparents, because of Teresa, “Teresa’s parents rarely see Joe’s kids. Their parents have been brainwashed against Melissa. They believe whatever their daughter tells them. Teresa plays the victim to her parents and they buy into it.”

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Tell Us- Do you believe Teresa bashes Joe & Melissa to her parents?

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4 Replies to “Joe Gorga Accuses Teresa Giudice Of Taking Their Parents Away! Plus- Source Claims Teresa Brainwashed Her Parents Against Joe & Melissa!”

  1. Absolutely!! Tre is very,very jealous of Melissa, one of the reasons for her jealousy towards Mel is because she married Tre’s brother and everybody is aware of Tres extremely weird attraction to her bro. The reunion part 2 Mel was commenting something about her kids and her in laws and Tre busted in on her comment and said ‘when you’re with MY parents you’ll tweet pics of them’, clearly, Tre is jealous of Mel & Joe having a good relationship with his parents. There is no doubt in my mind that Tre talks all grades of sh*t to her parents about he bro and Mel.

  2. no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. IF it were true that T tries to take Joe away from his parents, JoeG should make an effort to try to be in their lives. it seems since Mel has become a “star” all he cares about is fame. its a two way street and he could make some effort. not all of the worlds problems are because of T.

  3. There grown people no one can brainwash anyone!!!!Thats stupid and I’m pretty sure this source is Melissa “BESTFRIEND”JUst a hint!!!!!

  4. Go Teresa! Always liked you. I probably wouldn’t tune in if you were gone. You were great on Celebrity Apprentice. Will definitely look at last season. No cable 🙁

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