Joe Gorga Accused Of Financially Betraying His Father


According to a new report from Star Magazine, Joe Gorga owes a lot of people money, including his own father. Sources tell the magazine that Gorga has financially betrayed his employees and his own father. Gorga allegedly took out loans in his father’s name to build a dream home for his family.

“Joe Gorga has been scamming for years,” an insider tells the mag. “He owes everyone money. And Melissa is on board. Joe’s the liar, and Melissa swears to it. Or Melissa lies, and Joe swears to it. They’re a perfect team.”

Gorga claims his real estate development business is a success, but sources claim that Joe regularly borrows money from people and does not pay them back. An insider revealed that one of Joe’s employees loaned him up to $10,000, but the friend was never paid back.

“All his employees hate Joe for what he did,” the source says. “He owes money to a bunch of them.”

But the claims get worse. The insider alleges that Joe has scammed his own father, Giacinto Gorga. Joe allegedly convinced his parents to move out of their home in order to help finance construction on his Montville, New Jersey home.

Gorga allegedly took out a $500,000 mortgage in his and his father’s name, and also duped his father into taking out a $100,000 line of credit. Antonia and Giacinto’s home has been sold, but the source claims they have not been paid back.

“[Giacinto] feels betrayed,” the source says. “But what does he do? He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

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37 Replies to “Joe Gorga Accused Of Financially Betraying His Father”

    1. He is a damn liar. He sold their long-time home and put them in a rental. When the rental people wanted their house back Joe Guidice and Teresa started building an in-laws-suite over their garage but Joe ratted them out to the building and zoning for not having a permit. All of this man’s net worth and life savings have been stolen from him by his own son. They are living on social security.

  1. If it’s true, it makes the Gorga’s pretty bad people. It’s looking like Joe And Tre aren’t the only slimey ones in the family. Sad. Mostly for the elderly Mr. Gorga an all for what?

    1. What is it with these people? Live within your means for God sake. If it means you lose your wife because she allegedly wanted to marry a rich man, so be it.

    1. I agree with you Housewifetruthcannon but where did the Gorga children learn their slimy ways. You know what they say about apples and the trees they fall from! !

    1. They do not print bullshit –joe & or melissa or which every family that is posting the latest comment. It has been all over the internet for some time that the gorga’s,are broke

  2. If this is the case regarding selling the Parent’s home, then why is this now brought up or “revealed”? Wouldn’t Teresa or Joe hinted or outright said something to take the heat off of them?

    1. It was reported before. It was on famewhorgas during season 4. But none of the media printed it. Teresa doesn’t tell or reveal these things even when they were going through the indictments. It’s also been revealed joe melissa kathy and richie pRtied with the Monica chick and they leaked all this stuff. The Gorgas are garbage

  3. I wonder what joe Gorga would be like if he married a nice woman instead of a stripper, golddigging, narcissistic famewhore?

  4. That seems to be all RHONJ is about. They want to act like they have it all, but they’re a bunch of liars, cheats and scammers. Bravo needs to re think who they have a show about.

  5. So Joe said he put all his money into the new ‘garbage’ business — the truck that shreds paper, etc. wonder where he got the money for that?

  6. Joe & melissa are such liars, they are in debt up to their eyeballs. How is melissa going to live without her recording studio! Joe Gorga has the bigest case of a Neapolin complace I have every seen

  7. The famewhores (brittany spears wannabe and her dwarf) are nothing but garbage, this had been reported a couple of seasons ago (but went silent, since they were attacking Teresa so much), anyhoo—the elder gorga’s live with Tre and are not close at all with dwarf and the stripper wife. (and now we know why), the dwarf is such a loser and so disrespectful to his sister on national T.V., all the while riding her coat-tails for fame, only thing is, no-one cares about the gorga’s —they are stupid and boring…….
    Uggg–these RHONJ people are gross…..
    the twins are so annoying and whiny and amber’s husband is such a douche, and what’s up with dina, has she always been this BORING………
    Bravo please ax this dying show, it’s nothing with out Teresa Guidice, and since she’s under indictment, she is a shell of her former self (she is terrified of going to prison and leaving her girls)….

    1. I agree teresa is my favorite shes going through problems hopefully she will get through it hopefull she will be friends with jacqueline again.I wont watch it next year if Teresa not on it

    1. Dwarf joe gorga is joke and make a fool out of himself all the time.. The. Best was when he and joe gudice got into a fight and his hair paint was all over everyone

  8. Mallory that was a piss and a half. Then the hole of the ass shaves his head. He’s so vain he
    probably think that show is about him. What happened to the Housewives of here there and
    everywhere. When this first started out in the OC, I watched. Then it was about the women.

    It was enjoyable. It was a lifestyle. It was entertaining. Miss the ex playboy bunny. Can’t think of
    her name Jenna, Gina whatever. Could not stand Slade then and can’t now.

  9. Who cares what treasea did the government does it everyday why aren’t you guys going after ethem government they steal from as vets medicare retirement s and there still in office and what about all these movies you guys watch with convicted felons in them and you want her off bravo get a life your not that holy so stop judging she didnt steal from you so get over it

  10. If this was all true.. The banks wouldn’t lend them money to build a house/ buy property etc.. And this new one looks a lot bigger than the one in montville

  11. I mad becuse Joe and Teresa stole all that money and got a slap on the wrist. In the long run we as a society will pay for it. Just because the government does it doesn’t make it right. Teresa knew what her husband was doing. Shame on Joe and Melissa. It’s funny how they were all of a sudden praying to God to help them with their problems that they created. They should of thought more about him so they would be in this situation. I don’t unders why people love Teresa so much.

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