Joe Gorga Accused Of Financially Betraying His Father


According to a new report from Star Magazine, Joe Gorga owes a lot of people money, including his own father. Sources tell the magazine that Gorga has financially betrayed his employees and his own father. Gorga allegedly took out loans in his father’s name to build a dream home for his family.

“Joe Gorga has been scamming for years,” an insider tells the mag. “He owes everyone money. And Melissa is on board. Joe’s the liar, and Melissa swears to it. Or Melissa lies, and Joe swears to it. They’re a perfect team.”

Gorga claims his real estate development business is a success, but sources claim that Joe regularly borrows money from people and does not pay them back. An insider revealed that one of Joe’s employees loaned him up to $10,000, but the friend was never paid back.

“All his employees hate Joe for what he did,” the source says. “He owes money to a bunch of them.”

But the claims get worse. The insider alleges that Joe has scammed his own father, Giacinto Gorga. Joe allegedly convinced his parents to move out of their home in order to help finance construction on his Montville, New Jersey home.

Gorga allegedly took out a $500,000 mortgage in his and his father’s name, and also duped his father into taking out a $100,000 line of credit. Antonia and Giacinto’s home has been sold, but the source claims they have not been paid back.

“[Giacinto] feels betrayed,” the source says. “But what does he do? He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Photo Credit: Bravo