Joe Giudice’s Trial Postponed Until 2013: Likely To Serve Jail Time

Joe Giudice

Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Joe Giudice has had legal troubles for as long as we can remember. Now the famous Jersey husband has rejected a plea bargain offered by the prosecution and will go to trial to plead not-guilty in his identity fraud case. Joe’s original trial date was set for October 1, 2012, but now according to Chief Assistant Prosecuter Jay McCann it will likely be postponed until 2013.

“The chances of it going on that day are slim,” Mr. McCann told Celebuzz. “We are going to have to get closer to the day to see if the judge will have time. The court tries to give preference to cases for those who are incarcerated first,” he explains. According to McCann it is likely that Joe will take the stand and the trial will begin sometime before June of 2013. The prosecution doesn’t think the case will be a hard one to win. “It’s not going to be a very long case to try,” McCann added. “It should only take about two weeks. The fact pattern is not complex.” And it seems the prosecution is pretty sure Joe Giudice will serve jail time.  “I think we have a strong case with strong evidence.”

Do you think Joe Giudice should serve jail time?

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  • Grace

    Nice Site well written, Why the hell havnt I been here before. Well I am now, Is there any updates sense Oct 31 has come and gone?

  • Karla Cairns

    Hell Yes He needs to take ownership and stop acting like he is not acccountable for anything!!!!

  • Grace

    If that were one of us do you think we would get a couple years to think about what punishment we want? Hell no we all would be playing cards in our cell rt now! GO TO JAIL JOE

  • devin

    Smile for the camera. Put your picture on your brothers license. What a moron. He might as well plead guilty. This man needs to be on Americas’s stupidest criminals.

  • brittany

    I hope he doesn’t!Bravo have humliated him,and have been making him look bad since season 3!Some of you idoits have been believing it!

  • Grace

    Brittney I recant my earlier post. I agree why should he go to jail for that here in Calie he would get Weekend Cal Trans thats picking up trash on freeways for a few weekends and a fine at best. And to be honest I would find no joy in knowing this father, Husband, Brother and Son would be locked up not able to provide nor be there for his family. I was just so mad at him when he called T a C U Next Tuesday.

  • devin

    He is a thief. He took his partners share in a property and FORGED his name. He lied to teh bankruptcy court about their income. He then took his brothers information and got his his picture put on the brothers drivers license. I say but the jerk in jail or better yet put him in PRISON where are thieves belong. 5 to 10 years would work.