Joe Giudice’s Phone Call, Stripped Of His Masculinity!

The highly controversial episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has aired where Joe Giudice takes his mystery phone call that he claims was from his work. Now that we’ve seen the actual footage, we know that it was not someone from his work, and Bravo definitely didn’t over dramatize the previews.

Calling his wife, Teresa Giudice, a b*** and a c*** is absolutely disgraceful. Does this person not realize he’s wearing a mic, or does he just not care anymore? Teresa was throwing herself at him, and he wanted nothing to do with his wife! I have never seen such disrespect from a man, and on national television! C’mon.

An insider revealed to RealityTea why Joe could be cheating, “Joe has been stripped of his masculinity these past few years. He lives in Teresa’s shadow and has no driver’s license. That is a hard pill for a man to swallow. Especially, when they always had the traditional marriage of her staying home and him being the provider.”

Ok… we understand that, but that doesn’t justify his behavior? He acts like a complete disrespectful a**hole on TV.

All of the RHONJ fans are wondering what Teresa is thinking after she’s seen this footage. There is no denying what Joe was doing, he was caught! We know that the housewives preview the episodes before they air. I’m thinking T’s blog this week will be pretty interesting… Or she will play dumb and pretend like nothing has happened. I really find it hard to believe she won’t address this situation. #RHONJ is trending on twitter and every fan has something to say about this episode tonight.

So here’s my question to you, should Bravo have aired that footage?

Photo Credit: Bravo