Joe Giudice’s Mystery Call…

Joe Giudice

It has been much speculated that Teresa and Joe Giudice have been having marriage troubles for awhile. There have been claims of infidelity, love children, living separate lives, and we all know the possibility of The Real House Husband going to jail.

As we see on an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa’s husband Joe, takes a mysterious phone call in the middle of the Napa trip. We’ve seen him call her names before, and speak to her in a way that most of us don’t think is right, but this new scene takes that to a whole new level.

In the episode Joe takes what he claims is a work-related call, but a source tells the Huffington Post he answered his phone with a very unprofessional, “Hi Baby.” When Teresa goes over to see who her husband is talking to Joe says, “Here comes my bitch wife… she’s such a c***.” When T asked who he was speaking to he said a co-worker that didn’t speak English.

You can pick your jaws up off the floor just like I am… I can’t believe she could be so naieve, personally it breaks my heart for her and their four daughters. I really don’t think editing can be blamed for this one, but we will see when we watch this Sunday…

What do you think about Joe Giudice this season?

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