Joe Giudice’s Fraud Trial Delayed Again! To Resume In October?


Joe Giuidce’s fraud trial has been delayed again! According to, this time it’s because his attorney is dealing with a homicide case that could last several months! Teresa’s husband is facing up to ten years in jail for fraudulently obtaining a driver’s license. Joe was supposed to go to trial July 15th in Passaic County. He was arrested over two years ago when he was pulled over and and a police officer discovered he had allegedly used his brother’s information to obtain a license after his was suspended after a DUI.

Prosecutor Jay McCann was ready to move forward with Giudice’s case, but his lawyer Miles Feinstein, told the Star-Ledger that his Sussex County homicide case, which dates back to 2008, is more important and is expected to go on until October.

Giudice still claims he is innocent of charges, but the Department of Motor Vehicle turned over major evidence to McCann. “We have an obligation to move forward, and that’s as simple as it is. It really has nothing to do with what Mr. Giudice does when he’s not obtaining a New Jersey driver’s license,” McCann said.

Photo Credit: Joe Epstein/For The Star-Ledge


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