Joe Giudice’s Father Frank Dies Of Heart Attack Outside The Giudice Home


Joe and Teresa Giudice have suffered another tragedy as Joe’s father Frank Giudice collapsed in their yard on Wednesday night and died from a massive heart-attack. Frank was only 63 years-old and had no previous health issues. RadarOnline reports that Teresa was not at the home when Frank collapsed and Joe was there with just one of their daughters.

Frank Giudice
Frank Giudice

“Teresa arrived shortly after it happened,” a source close to the family tells the site. “He had just collapsed in the yard. They called 9-1-1 but there was basically nothing anyone could do when they got there. This was totally out of the blue.”

“Teresa said immediately that she was so glad they got to be with him on Father’s Day. They had a big party and he was there and it is a wonderful last memory of him,” the source said.

The Giudice’s released a statement saying; “The ONLY focus of both Joe and Teresa is their family right now, especially the girls. No decisions about the court case or the show are being addressed today.”

“Frank Giudice was found outside the couple’s home,” a rep for Teresa and Joe told ABC News. “Joe and his father were chasing their dog when Frank suddenly fell ill.”

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13 Replies to “Joe Giudice’s Father Frank Dies Of Heart Attack Outside The Giudice Home”

  1. Sorry for the loss of a family member….NOT sorry the Guidice going through sentencing….hope the “sympathy” card about father’s death doesn’t sway sentencing…

    1. one rotten egg,you always have to get a snide remark in,we know how you feel about teresa and joe,but for once can’t you keep it to yourself. this is time for morning,not gloating

      1. You can feel bad for someone’s family situation, but still believe they are theives who deserve to go to jail.

      2. I’m not gloating over someone’s death…never said I was happy Guidice family member is dead…word

    2. Congratulations! You’ve just shown that you your less human and more disgusting than Teresa and Joe. What ever negativity you say about them, since you waste all your life on commentating on their life, is completely creditless. From now on you have no say in their life because your officiall worse than them, What a disgusting human being you are.

      1. I haven’t committed fraud, stolen from multiple entities like the bank, contractors, etc…lied to keep a certain lifestyle, attacked family members by spreading vicious likes and rumors just to make them look bad..oh and drive drunk endangering the lives of all on the road…I’d say your perception of who is more disgusting human being is tarnished….

  2. I cannot imagine the grief Joe must be enduring right now. I am so deeply sorry for him, Teresa and their entire family at such a sudden loss of a man they all loved dearly.

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