Joe Giudice’s Dramatic Weight Loss Revealed

Joe Giudice has been in prison for 19-months and has dramatically lost weight, as he has been working out five days a week. In the video below, Joe is almost unrecognizable, the RHONJ dad has lost 45lbs.

“Joe works out up to five days a week, and has lost a lot of weight as a result,” a source told RadarOnline. “He even worked in the gym for a time.”

The source explains that Joe called fitness his “only stress reliever,” and claimed another reason for his slim new figure is the “inedible” food at Fort Dix.

“The food’s inedible, but he eats it because he’s got to keep up his strength,” the source said of Giudice.

In other Giudice news, it was revealed today that Joe will be transferring to another prison. According to The Blast, Joe will continue his sentence at FCI Allenwood in Pennsylvania.

So why the transfer?

Joe made the request because he would like placement in a residential drug and abuse program but claims he was denied “as a result of a detainer place by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

Joe will be transferred “soon,” and once in Allenwood, “will be able to have a hearing on his immigration status.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


26 Replies to “Joe Giudice’s Dramatic Weight Loss Revealed”

  1. I’m happy for him. I hope his requests will be achieved.
    He’s working hard & trying hard to make recompense for his mistakes.
    Wishing him, Teresa & their family all the best.

        1. Teresa’s father should be ashamed of himself for suggesting such “discipline” a.k.a. abuse.
          Unfortunately, so many people equate fear as respect. Teresa should have been appalled, not amused.

    1. Yah but ChristopherM….I’ll bet he could be making pruno in a garbage bag outta those cafeteria apples if he wanted to

  2. I love how they are spinning this. Joe is being transferred because there is an ICE detainer on him. Where he is currently doesn’t handle those so he is being moved to a facility where they can expedite his deportation instead of throwing him in an ICE holding facility for a couple of years before deportation. Joe appears to want to be out of the US and as quickly as possible.

  3. Stop lying. He appears to have lost maybe 5 lbs. Teresa is not going to drive 2 hours to PA with the firms to see him? Wow. That’s what Wendy Williams says. Joe drove 2 hours from jersey to Danbury for her!! These people are awful! So sick of the guidice.

  4. He had years and years to become a American citizen and didn’t bother to do the work at applying and studying for it , I don’t feel sorry for him at all .

  5. Go back to Italy IMMIGRANT. “He should be nice, because he’s an immigrant.” Instead, he stole millions, some of the money from VERY poor people. He and Tre were also slumlords who left entire buildings without heat in the NYC winters to save money. Send his short fat self back, and take ape and her chimps with their huge noses and unibrows with him.

  6. Juicy Felon Giudice was always making fun of Joe Gorga for being “so short.” What a laugh. Giudice barely clocked over five feet for his mug shot. At least Gorga is NOT a criminal and works for a living. And IMO is pretty good looking.

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