Joe Giudice Won’t EVER Leave Teresa, Love Each Other Like Brother And Sister, Says Source


Despite Joe Giudice’s legal troubles, he continues to run around on his wife Teresa. A source tells RadarOnline that Joe, who was spotted having dinner with a mystery brunette on December 27th, doesn’t seem to have “any regrets” about his rendezvous with another woman. “Why would he have done it again when he already got caught at the diner, walking into AC… there’s so many places and he just keeps repeating it,” a source tells the site.

But the source reveals that Joe will never leave Teresa for his girlfriend. “She’s [Teresa] the meal ticket,” the source said. “What would he get? He doesn’t make any money on his own.”

“She’s supporting him,” the insider added. “Could you imagine supporting some bastard who is running around spending your money on somebody else? Awful. I don’t get it.”

The insider predicts that Joe’s extracurricular activities will not stop. “He is a cad and some men cannot help themselves,” the source said. “I think he loves Teresa like a sister. They were raised together and I think that’s why it’s part of a team. They know each other very well. She can say whatever she wants to him and he can say whatever. It’s almost like leaving your brother. He’s the father of her kids. He helps her.”

“Personally, I think she would do so much better if she got rid of this guy,” Teresa’s friend says. “He should be falling on his sword right now telling them to leave his wife alone. What is he doing? Dragging her through the mud with him. He’s no damn good.”

Photo Credit: Bravo