Joe Giudice Struggling With Finances While Teresa Is In Prison


As Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice continues serving her prison sentence, a new report indicates that her husband Joe is getting desperate because the couple’s financial problems are continuing to get worse.

Teresa’s various projects, like cookbooks and wine, have been a large source of the family’s income, but she’s not earning a dime while incarcerated.

Now, “Joe is getting desperate,” a source reveals. “He doesn’t have any money coming in and he doesn’t know how he is going to get any money.”

“Without Teresa’s show money they’re not generating any income,” the source told RadarOnline. “Everything was all smoke and mirrors.”

The couple is also faced with a multi-million dollar mansion that they have been unable to sell.

“Teresa and Joe have been counting on selling the place and getting money that way, but they haven’t had any buyers,” the source revealed. “They’re really worried that it could go into foreclosure.”

But Joe is continuing to look for a solution, the source says.

“Joe knows that he has to start making money, and not on a small level, but a big level. He has a family to support and he has basically hit a brick wall with ideas. Things are really bad for the family right now,” the insider said.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Karen

    Yeah, well, I don’t believe this sob story. Gia’s publicist just tweeted that she signed a deal with Bravo, and it was reported that Joe and the other girls did too. And unlike Apollo, there have been no reports of garnishments or liens on any income that Teresa or Joe have made to pay back all their creditors- you know the people they swindled and stole from fir tge past decade. I bet there will be plenty if ca$h for the kids cheer/dance/singing lessons, designer clothes and shoes, fancy birthday parties and the latest cell phones w/ big data plans, and of course Gua’s next video.

  • Ihaveissues32405

    Hmmmm here’s an idea… Get yourself lazy ass a JOB you thieving bum!!

  • You and me

    Really Bravo. You will do and say anything to try and make a buck won’t you. Lets just say. When I lost my job of 20 years during the recession of 2009 I downsized tremendously. Worked any job I could get. Moved to a very modest home and ate beans for dinner. So boo hoo Joe. I could care less. Lucky for you you will be going to jail soon and will get three squares, bed, health care and hot showers. there you go. Now you are taken care of in the manner you are accustom too. How do you like me now?

  • jennyd

    I’m sure there’s someone Joe knows who’ll give him a job. Maybe think about working an honest job, do a bravo interview, sell a story, sell some designer purses. There’s ways of making $ when ur desperate that doesn’t include breaking the law.

  • DebBrenn

    I, for one, anticipate we will hear a story soon that some mental midget will be robbing banks in New Jersey. We’ll know it’s him because the description will be “male, 5’0″ with a beer gut so big he could walk under something he couldn’t roll under, wearing a Mellissa Gorga mask, whose English seems to be limited to Jerseyisms. He stuffs the money in a Louis Vuitton bag with lipstick smears and tanning spray stains, and huffs and puffs to a Mercedes with the license plate covered over with masking tape that reads, ‘I’m not Joe Giudice. I could be his brother. Badabing, Badaboom’.”

    • Froggy

      Thank you for the visual!!! Lol!!!

  • VaNonna

    So are we supposed to feel sorry for him? The ones that stole from others, yet still live in their home? I can’t understand how their home still hasn’t been seized or foreclosed! Go work in McDonalds, sell some of the property that was bought through deceit. Sorry save the pity party for those that are really struggling trying to make ends meet. Those working several jobs, just to put food on the table.

    • Karen

      Seriously…maybe you shouldn’t have spent that $10,000 on Gia’s video!

  • lin saunders

    how the “mighty” have fallen, get an honest job and stop snivelling!