Joe Giudice Still Owes Former Business Partner $260,000

Joe Giudice

Not only is Joe Giudice facing 50 years in prison for financial fraud, his former business partner,  Joe Mastropole, is claiming Giudice still owes him money! Joe was found liable of mortgage fraud back in 2007, when he forged Mastropole’s signature on a mortgage document. A judge ordered Giudice to pay Mastropole $260,000 for the forgery, but more than six years later, Mastropole tells RadarOnline Joe has still not paid him.

“I never received a penny from them,” Mastropole says. In 2011 Mastropole told Radar he wasn’t expecting Joe to pay up because his income was “fraudulent, untraceable and untaxed.”

“I think his money is untraceable, so it will be hard for me to collect any debt,” he added.

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3 Replies to “Joe Giudice Still Owes Former Business Partner $260,000”

  1. Since Mastropole won the case in 2007 and this fraudster, Joe Guidice owes him all this money, why can’t a judgment/lien against his Joe G’s house be obtained so when they are forced to sell, this Mr. Mastropole gets his money???

  2. My guess is that their house is probably got other liens against it. I just don’t understand why the courts have not made them make payments on the loan. They surely have spent enough money over the last 6 years that could have gone to pay the man back. See how it works? The guy did NOTHING and he is out 260,000 (and its against his credit) and they get off paying nothing and have spent all the money. Shame on them

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