Joe Giudice Pulled Over By Police AGAIN


Joe Giudice was pulled over Tuesday in Pinebrook, New Jersey, RealityTea is reporting. An eye-wtiness tells the site they saw Joe pulled over in his black Maserti. “We drove right by the “inspection” pull-over area by the Montville Police Department. There were two police officers checking inspection/registration stickers on cars, if you didn’t have one, they pull you over. There were about 5 police offers in the “inspection” van,” the witness tells RT. “It was in the parking lot near Gencarelli’s Pizza in Pinebrook, along Route 46.  He was walking around his dark colored Maserti with papers he received and was pulled over for quite a while.”

Montville Police Captain Rudy Appelmann tells the Montville Patch, “Guidice was operating a Maserati on Hook Mountain Road and was observed with no inspection sticker. Mr. Guidice was directed to the inspection unit and issued two summonses by Montville Police. The summonses were for failure to inspect and expired insurance card.”

“Mr. Giudice was directed to the inspection unit and issued two summonses by Montville Police,” the captain said

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    What is wrong with NJ ? Why is this lunatic still allowed to drive? This situation is crazy. The whole state must be corrupt.

  • notatrehugger

    Isn’t Joe Giudice out on some type of Bail for the first 39 charges he is facing? If he is why hasn’t his bail been recalled due to the two new charges and the driving infractions? NJ Bail must be very lenient because in FL if you are out on Bail and you get another charge your bail is revoked and you sit in jail until the trial.

  • Melodie

    This guy has no regard for the law or anyone. He is an arrogant jerk. THe car he was driving is the car that belonged to his old partner who sold it to sleazy juicy but he never got the money. His ex partner also was issued a judgement against juicy to pay him over 350,000 for a loan that juicy fraudulently signed his partners name. I cannot believe that the courts have not made him make payments to his partner. Oh thats right he filed bankruptcy so that poor guy probably will never see his money and juicy sleazy still has his car.

  • YesItsMe

    No regard for the law, period. What a fool.