Joe Giudice Photographed Having “Cozy” Dinner With Mystery Woman


Joe Giudice has been spotted having another “cozy” meal with a woman that is not his wife. RadarOnline has the exclusive photo of Joe and a brunette dinner at La Havana 59 restaurant in Moonachie, New Jersey, which is a 30-minute drive from where the Giudices live. An eyewitness spotted Joe and the mystery woman walking into the restaurant at 7:30pm on Friday, December 27th, and said they stayed at the restaurant until past 9pm.

“Joe sat across from the woman, who was very attractive, probably in her 30s, had long brown hair and was dressed very nicely in knee-high stiletto boots and she was carrying what looked like an expensive purse,” the witness tells Radar. “After people started noticing him and taking pictures he actually moved to sit next to her so that his back was to most of the restaurant.”

The witness insists it appeared to be more than just dinner with a friend or a business meeting. “They didn’t have any papers on the table, they didn’t have a briefcase or anything and they were just laughing with each other the whole time,” the witness says, adding that Joe kept “leaning in to talk with her,” throughout the meal.

As we previously reported, the Giudice trial for 41 charges of fraud and tax evasion has been pushed back from February to April.

To view the photo, click HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images



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  • only1me

    where\s the picture?

  • Ha

    Is anyone really surprised?!

  • tamara hope

    Thank you! I was thinking same thing where’s the photo? Also if Joe was w/another woman cheating on Teresa, then when he was noticed he would have high tailed it out of there, not got up & sit next to the woman! As much as I dislike them, I have to say I don’t think he was cheating there!

  • notatrehugger

    Is anyone really surprised?

    • only1me

      i could start a rumor saying i saw you or your hubby, come out of motel, because people will believe gossip. joe’s brother pete looks so much like him, how do you know it wasn’t him. i want to see picture plus name
      of person who took it.

  • carolina

    They say men who want to get caught stay, not hightail it out of thete! Unfortunately for Joe, Teresa has lived in. the city of Deniall, state of Fantasy, zip code. 90210-0234. that Joe could be kissing the woman as she leaves their house, pulling on her skirt, and for the public’s sake and TV cameras, Teresa eoulsay “She’s his cousin…that’s how real Italians show affection” *flaps those hands*

    • carolina

      sorry typing badly on small cellphonr keys.

    • only1me

      my neighbors are from italy,are ages 70’s amd 80\s never saw wife flap her hands like you claim italians do.teresa would never say something like that

  • yaya

    Not surprised, but would have loved to see photo.. for now, its just gossip bc no photo(s). Factssss, need facts.