Joe Giudice Leaves For Prison On RHONJ


Tonight on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, we watched as Joe Giudice said goodbye to his family and friends before he surrendered to Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Before saying goodbye, Teresa spent time with her husband and daughters decorating cupcakes at the famous Magnolia Bakery. Teresa admitted she hoped Joe leaving didn’t scar her children for life, saying, “I’m not prepared for the day when Joe’s leaving.”

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Laurita and her daughter Ashlee were talking about how Teresa didn’t reach out to either of them after they revealed the news that Ashlee was pregnant. Jac seemed sad she hadn’t heard from Teresa, but not surprised.

Siggy Flicker was also spending time with her family as she got her kids, her parents, and her sister together for some bonding. Just as Siggy had been complaining to her kids for not spending enough time with her, Siggy’s mother cried to her that her and her sister didn’t spend enough time with her. Siggy and her family ventured out to see a Holocaust memorial and hear about Siggy’s father’s experience during the war. Siggy’s own kids, especially her son, seemed really touched by their grandfather’s story of survival.

Jacqueline and Chris went bowling with Kathy and Richie Wakile, along with Kathy’s sister Rosie and her girlfriend, Laura. Chris revealed how he was initially going to attend Joe Giudice’s going away party, but after he spoke with Dolores Catania, he decided he better stay home with his wife and show where his loyalties lie.

In an intimate moment, Joe and Teresa reflected how he was going to be leaving their family for the next 3 1/2 years. He told his wife he just wanted to get it over with. “You paid your debt,” he said to Teresa. “I’m ready to pay my debt.” He told his wife in prison you either learn to become a criminal or a better person and he was determined to become a better person.

The party was sad even though the Giudices tried to have a good time with their family and friends. Joe and Teresa rode a bull together and their lawyer presented Joe with medals of St. Joseph and St. Theresa to keep with him while serving his sentence.

And early one morning, Joe left for jail. He hugged an emotional Teresa and then got into the back of an SUV. Melissa Gorga and her husband, Joe, were also there, standing by. Both of them cried as they watched the couple leave while their daughters cried as they looked on from the windows above.

Melissa told her husband she received a text from Teresa that said, “Love you.” To the camera, Melissa said, “I couldn’t be happier to be the one that she is relying on right now.”

While Jacqueline, Siggy and Dolores planned Ashlee’s baby shower they discussed Joe’s departure and Siggy argued whether or not Joe deserved to be in jail. “You would have to be an empty shell of a person for this not to affect you.”

Jacqueline said that Teresa “was like a sister” to her and that her heart broke for Teresa and Joe’s daughters. She said that if Teresa ever called her (but added that she knew that wouldn’t happen) she would be there for her former friend.

Later that night, Teresa crawled into bed with three of her four daughters (Gia was at cheerleading practice) and they all prayed and cried together.

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18 Replies to “Joe Giudice Leaves For Prison On RHONJ”

        1. He is a convicted felon… As is Theresa!! If she is innocent like she claims then she would have denounced her thieving low life. rip off husband! There is so much evidence against them! Karma would be Theresa living above Joes pizza parlor!!!

  1. I agree he is were he belongs! He is not a nice person and Teresa needs to open her eye’s wide up! He is playing her. Like when they were at the wine trip. He was talking to a woman on the phone.

  2. This is heart breaking for those kids. Not only do they have NOTHING to do with anything their folks did, then they see and hear the horrible things everyone says about their Mom & Dad. He is their DAD. They don’t see the fraud, the court system etc., they see their Dad leaving. They saw their Mom leaving. I believe neither one of them will ever do anything like this again, and let’s face it, it happens all over the world every single day, they simply got caught. Congress in their entirety are thieves, presidential candidates, senators, bank managers, financial consultants…… steal money every day. Is is totally wrong? Yes. Do those girls deserve what they hear all over? NO. I’m saddened that the adults of this world can’t keep their opinions about something so different, so long term for those kids, so deep and forever life changing, to themselves just this once. Yes, this is a blog about housewives, but I am thinking of those kids. I know, I know, everyone has the right to say any effing thing they want, so I have the right to say I think saying it over and over stinks of immaturity.
    On a lighter note, I wish, FGSakes, all the housewives from every city would QUIT wearing those ridiculous looking ripped jeans. It isn’t cute, it isn’t stylish and you are all WAY TOO OLD to wear them, no matter how cute you think you look, YOU LOOK STUPID. The only time that was cute was when we earned the rip and patched it with some paisley material or something we liked because we didn’t have the money for new ones.

    1. I will comment on the ripped jeans only. I hate them too! I remember watching and telling the hub how only one housewife on OC was not wearing ripped jeans in one episode. It is everyone….all ages too. It is ridiculous. I don’t like the look at all myself, but a young person can pull it off better than women in their 50s IMO. No matter how nice their figure is, it is just a messy look, especially when it is torn over too many places, like on the thighs, both knees…looks like someone is selling used jeans they picked up in a clothing bin to me. Worn jeans that are soft are fine if nicely worn, though not for all occasions. JMO
      Oh, I used to have a Peace sign patch I remember well…and I put it on my back pocket of my bell bottom blue jeans. I also had some flower patches back then too.

      1. Me too! I had a peace sign in paisley I stitched over a hole made by battery acid my BF got on me! It looked cool, but I was 17! They buy the jeans like that, which is what I think is the most stupid of all.
        I hope all is going well with your husband’s treatments, Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you both.

    2. Loved your comments D’s. You have such a good heart & thanks for speaking up for those sad, innocent little girls.

      As for the ripped jeans, apparently you are unaware that the stem of your wine or champagne glass rest beautifully in the rip leaving you hands free at any gathering. Why you could hold court on the couch, madly gesticulating as you fascinate the other guests with your HW knowledge only pausing to quench your thirst from your handy dandy lap drink. Other than THAT, I have no use for them either.

  3. Don’t feel sorry at all for them! Come on!! We all work hard to support our families honestly. Joe and Theresa Gudice are convicted felons! They wanted this over the top life and stole and cheated and ripped off anyone to get there! Cry for them? No!! Theresa and her daughters are still living in this mansion! What about the people/ businesses They ripped off? Karma … They move above the pizza parlor!

  4. So telling… Gabriella getting out of the bed…. Distancing herself when talking about Joe.. Dad. I’ve always felt like Gabriella has been shunned …minibylized. I’ve thought she’s the most down to earth… “Normal”. This clip shows this. Out of all this mess… I hope Gabriella is successful! And the youngest girl! Gia is Theresa reborn and unfortunately Milania is … Milania.

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