Joe Giudice Lands Big TV Series With Daughters


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice may be serving a 15-month prison sentence but her family is not keeping out of the spotlight while she is away. It was recently reported that her husband Joe and four daughters Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana will be filming a Bravo TV special consisting of a full series of the family going through life without Teresa.

Page Six reported that the family has been filming the  show and will capture moments such as Gia’s middle school graduation, an outing with the Gorga family, and just their new-normal every day lives.

Sources are also claiming that this spin-off show will then lead into the release of the seventh season of RHONJ. We have previously shared that Teresa has signed a contract with Bravo to film another season, yet the court must sign off on her filming the reality show.

It is reported that Joe owes the government $400,000 in fraud charges, and he will begin his 41 month prison sentence after Teresa serves the rest of her 15 month sentence. Teresa is set to be released from prison right before the holidays.

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43 Replies to “Joe Giudice Lands Big TV Series With Daughters”

  1. This is just ridiculous. Bravo you disgust me. You can’t find any one else to appear on your network that has a little class not to mention morals and values. I’m seriously going to delete bravo from my channel list I’m sick of them offering money to these criminals just for ratings. I got news for you bravo people don’t want to see the good all they want to see is the Giudices sinking deeply into a hole and never come out! The sad part The Simeon and the troll think they are super reality stars people are not interested in their happiness they all want them to fall. I am one for sure. BRAVO find another subject or show with people who don’t commi fraud, lie, cheat, steal and don’t give a damn about their kids. Money money money. That’s what tre counts as she falls asleep it’s not her kids she worries about it money money money!!!

    1. Well said Mel, couldn’t agree more. I for one will not be watching the meathead pretend what a good father he is and watch the spoiled brats they are raising

    2. if there is no interest in the Guidice’s they would be dropped real quick – take a look at the comments section of any one of their stories – they have a HUGE following which is what makes it appealing to Bravo – if you dislike them so much why do you bother reading the stories let alone commenting on them!!!!!!! You and others like you are just keeping them on the radar – and let’s face it they are entertaining …. don’t like then don’t read or comment – end of.

  2. Yesss, finally a show about the most annoying and spoiled children in NJ and the heavy breathing dumbat twat. Perfect hollidays!!!!

    You should always reward those who steal.

  3. Mel, very well said! My sentiments exactly! I don’t reward convicted felons, shame on Bravo. They are counting money to get their sleep, their kids are ratings. I will NOT watch the troll or the Simeon ever again!

  4. Crime seems to b paying for them, I don’t get it, I can’t stand this family, I do know I won’t b giving this show the time of day, I’d rather have my cat scratch my eyeballs out.

  5. Amazing that the same ‘people’ who blamed Andy and Bravo for their downfall (not the fact they commited fraud etc) are still profiting from their crimes.
    Bravo is really a sucker.

  6. Bravo/Andy you are despicable. I truly hope this criminal serves his sentence, pays back the money he stole and is then deported back to his home land. This mobster IS NOT A US CITIZEN. Send him back..

  7. Everyone deserves a second chance. I believe in redemption. We are all part of God’s family. I will happily watch the show to see how he has survived his difficulties. God bless Joe and the girls. When does the self righteous hatred stop on these boards? WHEN???

    1. I wish I knew it’s disgusting! If people don’t want to watch fine, don’t, but to spew all the hate! It’s ridiculous. It’s not good for their health. I don’t like Atlanta so I don’t watch and don’t comment!! The Banks are far bigger crooks than the Guidices! Give them a break!!! They have this show to allow them to eat and part of the fee will go to pay off debts! So well done JodyH!!! 😎

    2. Redemption Jody? There is no redemption here. THose two felons have yet to stand up to the world and admit that they stole money, committed fraud and watched businesses fail as they bought furniture, jewelry hermes purses. No redemption until there is an apology made to everyone that they hurt. Until that happens they can rot in hell.

    3. Jody, I’m not posting here anymore it’s ridiculous I’m off to allaboutrealhousewives its balanced there!!!

    4. Thank you for your comment, ITA. The hateful comments here are really a turn off & adults attacking small children & calling them names is truly despicable. Imagine if people attacked their children. There should be real shame about this behavior but there isn’t.

  8. I wonder if he will go to jail as soon as she is released or if the judge will give them time together. Frankly they do not deserve it.

    1. I’ll bet the judge will let them have their holidays together. Remember Tre wasn’t supposed to get out until February but due to good behavior she gets out in time to spend the holidays with her family. So ok let them spend it together and then Joe goes to jail and hopefully will be deported upon his release.

  9. I will watch, of course….and hate myself.
    But I hope all the relevant prosecutors and judges also watch, because I still don’t think Joe or Teresa (or their fans) get it. These two idioti went into several banks, claimed income they did have on mortgage applications, lived like royals off the loan money, didn’t pay their taxes, and then defaulted on the loans. Supposedly, they were caught because the cars they were driving, and the furniture they were sitting on, and the clothes and shoes they were wearing on Bravo were not claimed in their bankruptcy.
    So yeah…I want to see what Joe is driving now…and if he is working or still making wine and sausage in the basement of his McMansion….and I hope the Feds do too.

  10. Time for forgiveness! They are doing the time mandated along with restitution. The hardship and embarrassment to the entire family is enough of a punishment. Time to forgive and wish the well!

  11. It’s interesting that you can comment on the Giudice’s and watch their shows calling people haters because we comment about not watching and rewarding convicted felons and not giving our support for them, no one said the word “hate”. No one blamed the kids. But Brandi, Kim, Yolanda, Ramona, Sonja, etc. can be called various harsh names but that’s acceptable. We are not haters you are being somewhat hypocritical. You watch and reward these felons, at least none of the above mentioned ladies NEVER STOLE A DIME. I quit watching OC, I don’t comment, same with BH. I did watch until I got tired of all the cat fights. Watching all these shows make ppl haters! It’s Bravo’s way of causing drama, even on this site. I’m not hating just take inventory of your emotions and realize just how much you find yourself saying the word hate.
    We know the kids aren’t at fault! But did Joe and Tre consider them while committing fraud? Everyone deserves a second chance, I agree with that, but when they blame others, don’t show an iota of remorse, they don’t deserve what they’re getting from Bravo, viewers and the attention we are giving them. They are the worst media, fame and attention mongers. NJ housewives are boring…Mego, Kathy, Joe Gorga, the twins… Nothing there but shallow adult people. I will NOT watch!!!

  12. I won’t be watching, the tre huggers r brutal, these r criminals, they will not have remorse, they will blame everybody else but themselves. I find them absolutely disgusting and their cult followers r delusional.

    1. I have seen your posts on other sites spewing hate about Vicky and Brooks do you go from site to sire spewing hate about different people. Your life must be very sad!!!

      1. Do you? Your a huge hate spewer, I don’t care for Vicky and crooks, so what, u hate anyone who has disdain for the guidices, their criminals, I won’t support the show, so what, talk about being hypocritical, look it up.

    1. I’m glad you’re anxious to see these convicted felons return to television, as it was YOUR tax dollars that paid the cost of the trial, prosecutor’s, federal clerk of the court, along with everyone who pays Federal taxes, I for one, resent the fact that’s where my taxes went, I’m not going to pay their debts as well! You are so naive YOU can pay their debtors all you want, they’ve taken enough from me and all tax payer’s wasted money. The trial had so many delays, they went through so many lawyers, at their own expense, that costs money too for us, the taxpayers. So Viktor, you paid to have them indicted, now you will pay their debts? It’s laughable. More power to you!! Put that in your tax pipe and smoke it along with whatever else you’re smoking! ;-p

      1. Is Viktor not allowed his own opinion, Teresa will be out soon and repaying debts so give it a rest! All this hate is unbelievable are all of you so perfect that you have never made a mistake?????

        1. Fedup, everyone has made a mistake, I hardly think 49 counts of fraud is a mistake. As for Viktor, of course he can comment just as I can reply. Not hating, just disagreeing, am I not entitled as well?! Tre will be out soon, I agree however they BOTH have to do their time and Joe has not started yet so their debts have not been met, they haven’t even accepted the fact that did anything wrong. Your statement was also laughable. You don’t have to agree with me so just drop it yourself, you are misguided and too defensive.

    2. BTW Viktor, you are also paying for her housing, food, pilates and miscellanious needs at camp cupcake, as you will for the troll when he goes in for eight years! You are a generously foolish person.

    3. Good for you! I will be watching as well! I’m not posting on this site again, too filled with hate for me! I’m a Christian and believe in giving people second chances! My life is too busy to read this rubbish, this is why I came up with my name in the first place! Go to allaboutrealhousewives it’s more balanced there, yes there are some haters but not there are here.!!!

  13. America 2015, you get rewarded for making sex tapes, stealing money, lying and being an illegal muslim usurper in the WH—-Christians are demonized and if you don’t agree with same sex deviant crap then you are a racist and bigot? Pray for America, this generation has been too dumbed down to function…..It began with jerry springer and continues with bravo/ms andy…

    1. Get a life for goodness sake, if you don’t like it don’t watch, but don’t give yourself a heart attack spewing hate!!!

  14. Will be watching for the girls…. Haters going to hate lol… Mum always told me if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all

  15. Here’s an idea- Joe shouldn’t get paid. All of the money should go into a trust for those girls that their scumbag parents can’t trust. They did nothing wrong and don’t deserve to suffer because of their parents.
    Besides, they’ll need money for college, their parents certainly won’t be paying.

  16. If I were a housewife from another franchies, I would be upset that Bravo is filming another season of HWONJ. if ratings were down, it in part because people have turned away from bravo because of the nJhw. Teresa has changed the way people think about bravo.l first with flipping tables, and now by being a criminal. i’m not the first to say that i will not watch another hw show because of new jersey.

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