Joe Giudice In The Hot Seat At The RHONJ Reunion! Who Was He Talking To?

There was no question that when Joe Giudice stepped on the stage of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion taping, he would be asked some pretty direct questions. Jacqueline woke up from her fake nap to insist that Teresa told her Joe had cheated on her “several” times, including with his secretary and the babysitter. “Honey, you walked in on your husband when he had somebody on the desk in his office,” Jacqueline screamed at Teresa.

Sitting beside Teresa, Joe claimed several times he has been faithful to his wife, despite questions about the mysterious phone call he took in Napa. “If I was talking to a girlfriend I would’ve ripped the mic off and thrown it in the bushes,” Joe said. Then he apologized for referring to his wife as a b**** and a c***, which both Teresa and Joe said isn’t even in his vocabulary…

Joe’s explanation of the phone call was that, he did called an old friend who was helping him out at work — named Albie. “Excuse me?” asked a shocked Andy Cohen, who like us probably assumed he was talking about Caroline’s son. “I think it was the groaning that made everybody a little skeptical,” Melissa Gorga chimed in, about Joe’s sexy growling on the call. (“What are you doing?” he asked “Albie,” responding to her answer with a moan and saying, “Don’t even tell me that.”)

A lot of bloggers have speculated who Joe could have been on the phone with in Napa. It is rumored Joe has had a girlfriend by the name of Tara, and that is who he could have been growling to on the phone. Teresa adamantly denies reports of any cheating in her marriage to Joe. While there is no proof, just allegations that a “Tara” exists, RealityTea claims they received tips that this woman is 100% Sicilian with blonde hair, blue eyes, speaks fluent Italian, makes her own money working in the fashion industry in Philly, and her father is a very wealthy man.

I just wish the best for this family. The damage that has been done needs to be repaired, and as sad as is it, I don’t know if it can be done on reality television. As a child of divorce myself, my best wishes to the fabulous Giudice Girls. They shouldn’t have to witness this type of behavior. xoxo

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Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • I almost felt sorry for the no good cheating dog!! His body language gave him away instantly!! The only person that believes him is Teresa! She is in denial! PATHETIC!!

  • donnalee

    Tara in Philly? Live 3 minutes from Philly. If Tara is here, she is very quiet and not a very popular designer because Philly just had their Fashion Night Out a little over a month ago and no Tara’s particpated. Plus, rich Daddies in Philly don’t go for daughters dating married men with 4 kids. Not so sure, Teresa believes him but really can’t say anything if there is no proof. Sorry but spliced up Audio clips just don’t get it. I am sure she is smart enough to get copies of his phone history and figure it out.