Joe Giudice Hits On Melissa Gorga? New In Touch Cover Story!

Another week, another magazine cover featuring the drama of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This time, In Touch is reporting that Joe Giudice used to hit on Melissa Gorga, and it makes Teresa very insecure about her relationship with her husband. A source is telling In Touch, “When Melissa started dating Teresa’s brother, Joe Giudice would flirt with her and check her out whenever Teresa wasn’t looking. Melissa always told me he was a ‘creep.’ He’s so disrespectful to Teresa, but she turns a blind eye.”

“Joe got a kick out of flirting with Melissa. He doesn’t care… he thinks he’s an attractive guy. He always complimented the way [Melissa] sings. He told her she makes the most beautiful pregnant woman. He complimented her style, too.” the source continues.”

It seems like it’s allegation after allegation! I don’t know what rumor is next with these ladies?! I’m scared…

Tell Us- Do you believe Joe hit on Melissa?

Photo Credit: In Touch


5 Replies to “Joe Giudice Hits On Melissa Gorga? New In Touch Cover Story!”

  1. They’re gonna have us talking until next season arent they? I so believe that, Joe G has that flirty look on his face and his way to get out of things is “who cares”…

  2. If this is true Melissa should go a take 50 showers. That is just disgusting. Juicy Joe is a creep and he’s got Napoleon syndrome. Short guy with an attitude. Oh my god I just threw up in my mouth. That man needs to be quarantined for being gross. I feel dirty just talking about him

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