Joe Giudice Having An Affair With Nicole Cemeilli?


Teresa and Joe Giudice have had their ups and downs on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, and now more cheating rumors are haunting the couple. In April, Joe and Nicole Cemeilli were spotted “getting close in a secluded corner booth at NYC’s Hurricane Club restaurant,” according to Life & Style. But Teresa was quick to shut down any rumors of infidelity. “That’s Joe’s old secretary, who works in the city. He was in the city that day for other business meetingsand he had met up with her after, to go over some things,” Teresa explained.

However, sources tell the magazine that Joe’s relationship with Nicole isn’t innocent, and the two could barely keep their hands off of each other while lunching, and they even acted the same way when she worked for Joe and Teresa was around!

“At first, Teresa was in total denial,” the family friend said. “But another time, Nicole kissed Joe on the lips when she was in the room! Eventually, enough things were brought to her attention that she finally had to do something about it.”

The insider says Nicole was referenced at the RHONJ Reunion when Jacqueline Laurita said, “You caught him with the secretary, babysitter.”

Photo Credit: Bravo