Joe Giudice Has Reportedly Lost Hope in Deportation Case; Asks to Return to Italy

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice is awaiting a decision on the ruling of his deportation case, and a source close to the family is revealing that Joe is losing “hope” that he’ll ever return home to his wife Teresa Giudice and their four daughters.

Joe is currently being held at an ICE detention center in Pennsylvania and according to the report, the conditions he’s been living in under ICE’s custody have also taken an emotional toll on Joe.

“These past few months in ICE [custody] have been harder for Joe than prison was. The conditions there are terrible,” the source says. “He’s so close to freedom, yet so far away. Not being able to see his family, and knowing that he won’t be able to be back home with them, has really broken him.”

“He’s fighting, but he’s really resigned to the fact that he’ll be deported,” the source tells PEOPLE. “And losing that hope has left him bitter, angry, and unhappy. He’s a shell of who he used to be.”

A motion was filed Tuesday with a U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, days after Giudice was denied release from a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in central Pennsylvania, said Jerard Gonzalez, one of Giudice’s attorneys.

“It is rare, but this is a unique case,” Gonzalez wrote to the USA TODAY Network on Wednesday, adding that his client “has been housed in an ICE contract jail in Pennsylvania that is generally used for short stays, not months.” 

“Teresa and Joe have had their arguments in the past few months, but Teresa doesn’t want Joe to get deported,” adds the source. “She wants him to come home for their family. She loves Joe and it hurts her to see how he is being treated.”

Joe, who was released from prison in March, has appealed the decision to deport him back to his native country of Italy, but we have now learned that Giudice is asking to be sent back to Italy while he waits on the final decision.

Teresa recently spoke out and said she is doing her best during this stressful time.

“I am doing good,” she told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday. “My daughters are doing well. We’re hanging in there.”

“They are doing good, thank god,” Teresa continued, referencing her daughters. “They are pretty amazing, strong, young women. I guess they get it from their mommy… It’s a tough time right now, so just being with my daughters [helps].”


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