Joe Giudice Getting GED in Prison, Has Lost Some Major Weight

Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe began serving his 41-month prison sentence in March 2016 and now that it has been some time since he’s been away, Teresa is giving an update on how Joe is doing.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Teresa told Andy that her hubby has lost 45lbs and is getting his GED. She also shared that Joe watches Bravo with other inmates.

“He watches this all the time in there! He does, all the time!” Teresa shared, revealing that other inmates enjoy the network’s programming as well. She added, “They love Bravo there!”

Teresa also acknowledged Joe’s weight-loss.

“Yes, he did,” Teresa said when Andy mentioned he heard Joe had lost a lot of weight. “He looks like you.” She shared that her husband knew she’d be appearing on the show that night, so she took the opportunity to send him some love and blew him a kiss saying, “Hi, honey! Love you.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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        1. EEEkkkkk – will have to dvr, unless I can talk a patient into watching – but ER and zombies don’t usually go hand in hand…
          So, you read the comics too?

          1. Yes,although I’m way behind in reading . I need to catch up . Years back when my mom was in the hospital I put it on and got yelled at by someone who was a zombie racist

              1. Both actually. They come out once a month in the true comic fashion or you can get them compiled in more of a book every few months. When you buy the book form it normally has a few issues

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