Joe Giudice Gets Other Fraud Charges Dismissed


Another legal victory for the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice! Just one week after Teresa was dismissed from the lawsuit brought against them by Joe Giudice’s former business partner, Joe Mastropole, RadarOnline is reporting that Joe Giudice is also free from paying back the debt to Mastropole.

The lawsuit alleged that Joe Giudice forged Mastropole’s signature on mortgage documents for an apartment building they owned together. Mastropole’s name was taken off the mortgage when Joe refinanced the property, but Joe didn’t ever give him the $260,000 he was owed, according to the lawsuit.

Now, Judge Kenneth Slowmienski of the Superior court in New Jersey has dismissed the case in its entirety.

“This is a HUGE victory for the Giudice family and for their ongoing criminal case that is taking new turns by the day,” the couple’s legal coach tells the site, adding that the Giudice’s lawyer, Michael De Marco, prevailed on a very important piece of the puzzle, as Mastropole had been seeking civil and punitive damages.

But Teresa and Joe are still awaiting sentencing on their federal fraud case.

“Teresa’s legal team absolutely won’t let her do any interviews before the sentencing hearing because it could impact her sentence,” an insider tells the site. “If Teresa was out doing press interviews promoting RHONJ before the July 8th sentencing, it would look like she wasn’t taking the process seriously, which she definitely is. After the sentence is handed down, it’s expected Bravo will officially give Season Six a premiere date.”

“Teresa and Joe will be keeping a very low profile… They are getting ready for the July sentencing date, and just spending time with their family,” the source added. “Family is everything to Teresa and she is trying to keep things as normal as possible for her daughters.”

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6 Replies to “Joe Giudice Gets Other Fraud Charges Dismissed”

  1. We have to wait until July 8th to have a premiere date? Radar of lies I’m not buying it. If it starts in July, well hear something within the end of May or sometime in June.

  2. Sorry Jersey natives, but this adds to the stereo typical “mafia” ties…so fishy how all of a sudden charges keep dropping…very “mob-like”.

    1. Are you an expert on how the Mafia operates? I didn’t know that the Mafia only resides and operates in New Jersey. I guess they do not live and work in Chicago, Las Vegas or New York, among other cities in the country. History is wrong, then, because Capone really didn’t run Chicago, he must have ran Chicago from his telephone in New Jersey.

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