Joe Giudice Fraud Trial Rescheduled For October 28th!


As we previously reported Joe Giudice’s fraud trial was postponed because his lawyer was dealing with a homicide case, but now the Real Housewives of New Jersey husband will be headed to court on October 28th! Joe is facing charges for ‘wrongfully using identifying information of another person, a second-degree crime carrying 10 years in prison, and forgery, a fourth-degree crime that carries an 18-month maximum prison sentence. He is currently free on $50,000 bail.’

According to, Giudice’s lawyer, Miles Feinstein, ‘has predicted a “lengthy trial” and, given his client’s TV fame, difficulty finding unbiased jurors. Jury selection could take weeks, and the trial could last as long as 2½ weeks.’

Photo Credit: Bravo