Joe Giudice Flagged for Deportation

We know RHONJ star Joe Giudice could get out of prision as early as March 2019, but that might just be the beginning of more problems for the Giudice family.

According to RadarOnline, Joe has already been flagged by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

A source at the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement explained there is, “a detainer on him.” Adding, “We have every intent to deport him.”

A source close to the Giudice family says, “Teresa [Giudice] has been scrambling to try to get the deportation waived, and its not happening yet.”

“Immigration consequences of criminal convictions depend on the particular criminal statutes implicated and are very case specific,” explains attorney Sophia Solovyova, who is an expert in immigration law.

“Joe was convicted under a fraud statute,” she explained. “Its a deportable offense, for which waivers are available only in very limited circumstances.”

It makes you wonder if there is anyway if Joe can avoid deportation?

“Whether he is eligible to apply for a waiver of criminal inadmissibility depends on how he obtained his green card,” Solovyova said. “If he applied for his green card while in the United States, he may be eligible. But if he came into the country with an immigrant visa, he would not be eligible.”

“So, in short, he is deportable, but whether he has a case depends on his immigration history, personal circumstances and case law in third circuit,” she said.

What do you think of Joe’s possible deportation?

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  • Pam Stewart

    This is absurd . He is married to an American . He has four American children . There is a house full of illegals across the street from me in Tucson . The police have arrested at least four of them right out of the house .they don’t get deported . How can Joe?

    • Rain

      So Joe should stay but not the ‘illegals’ across the street? You’re not even ashamed to say that out loud???
      He committed a CRIME !!! Every and ALL illegals who committed crimes should be deported , not just the ones you don’t like !

      • Rain

        Plus if he loved this country so much, he should’ve become an American citizen so his dumb ass wouldn’t be deported .

        • Who knows

          I believe Joe came over as a small child. I thought I read he didn’t realize he wasn’t a citizen. There are plenty of illegals who commit crimes who are still in this country. Joe is just a famous one.

          • Ashley Madison

            How could not he realize when he could not get an American passport ?…that sounds like BS to me…unless he has never travelled abroad in his life

            • cassandra

              he had to have known…as they did travel abroad…I remember 1 season the housewives went to punta cana!!! so he would have had to known then….send him back…I agree he should have thought of his kids and family…he didn’t so why should we? If I committed a crime think anyone would care if I had someone I had to take car of …..NOPE!

              • Cindy Brumit

                They also went to Italy. So he knew.

            • sunny2424

              Didn’t they take a trip back to Italy a few years ago. With a couple of the other families on the show? It seems like it. I can’t see how he didn’t know. I don’t like the thought of the family being split up. I feel sorry for the children.

              • cassandra

                Tre and the kids could go to Italy with him.

          • Melanka Trump

            That is a bunch of crap, they went to Italy a few years ago and for Americans to go to Europe they need passports to leave and enter the US. If you are American citizen you must enter the US with a US passport, otherwise you need a visa or a green card, so he knew he was not a US citizen and he must have entered with a green card. Same when entering the European Union, you need a passport and probably he entered as an Italian citizen because he knew he was not a US citizen…probably he was afraid of applying for US citizenship because he has skeletons in the closet and knew he would not pass the criminal screening.

            He deserves to be deported…period

        • One Rotten Egg

          BRAVO to you, Rain!

        • Jack

          ❤️❤️ preach it Rain!!!!

      • Just Saying

        Good for you, I was thinking the same thing

      • Dave

        Yes that was a totally racist comment. I guess Joe being a criminal ‘illegal’ is fine because he’s white and lives in a nice house (which was fraudulently obtained btw) *eye roll*

        • SmartAssPants

          He’s not an illegal alien.

  • Diane

    Good. He was cheating on her and lieing about everything. Bye bye

  • Ashley Madison

    The weather is nice in Italy during the summer…Ciao bambino

  • One Rotten Egg

    Deport away! Illegal is illegal and to top off–CRIMINAL convicted felon should be sent back and cause problems in his own country for those taxpayers to be burdened with.

  • Deb Brenn

    He should be gone! In other countries where people actually want to emigrate (there aren’t that many) have strict rules based on whether the person is an asset to the country or a liability (such as a career the country has a shortage of). This guy’s history is defrauding legal Americans, and wasting a ton of the state’s money on court costs and housing him and his his wife who went along with his crap. Culturally, all he relates to or honors is his Italian heritage, so that’s where he belongs.

  • Sally

    How about thinking about his children, the rest of his family? Even if he’s the worst of the worst, a little compassion for the innocents in the picture seems appropriate. But why bother? It’s always easier to be mean spirited and hate on people isn’t it?

    • Ashley Madison

      Why didn´t he think about his family and his kids when he was evading taxes ? … he knew it was a crime

      • cassandra

        I agree he should have thought of his kids and family…he didn’t so why should we? If I committed a crime think anyone would care if I had someone I had to take car of …..NOPE!

        • cassandra

          ugh should be take care of…not car of

  • Binketta

    Let’s not forget ‘ole Tre was a Trumpster.

    • Ashley Madison

      Tre and Don….birds of a feather

    • Cindy Brumit

      What does that have to do with anything?? He was set to be deported before president Trump was elected. He’s always known this could happen. Smh

  • ChristopherM

    He committed multiple felonies. He should go. Period.

  • Minx

    Joe has had his entire life to obtain American Citizenship..
    Deportation is a Consequence due to all,of the Crimes he has commited.
    This has nothing to do with rasicim or a travel ban, this is simply cause and effect.
    If, a Misdemeanor for something like a DUI (when someone was a teenager) is considered a felony in Canada, and that person is denied entry into Canada. It isn’t discrimination, it is only that country’s standard rules.
    I do not feel the least bit sorry for Joe but I do feel sorry for the Children.
    (Personally, I think Tre and the Children would be much better off without him, but hey, what do I know? These are characters.)

  • Tina

    In order for US to deport Joe Italy has to accept him, if they don’t accept him he stays.

  • Melp

    He should have been sent back to italy once he was charged and was guilty. Why should the US pay for this man to be in American prisons it’s the taxpayer who picks up the bills.
    The troll has always had a “you cannot touch me attitude” Im a reality star and I deserve a break. How stupid can be be. Falsifying government documents and then sitting and lying right into the face of a judge, his 4th grade education is showing. Teresa knew what was going on as she put her signature on the dotted line for the bank loans and also made up the fake W-2’s If she loves loves loves those girls she would have stopped him but the THINGS are more important. If Teresa and her troll had any real respect for their children they would have gotten the hell off of TV and keep them out of the limelight, they had been through enough with peer pressure and the media and the horrible things that were being said about them and their parents. Money is the driving force behind Tre and troll. They don’t care who gets hurt they just step over the people they screwed and off to the mall for a new Birkin bag.
    So sad but so true. Maybe if the family had to live in Italy they would learn the value of respect and family instead of how much money is in their bank account. Maybe relatives can teach them how to work with the pride they did when they were growing up. Troll and Tre got none.
    Ship him off as soon as you can. He and the family MIGHT get it. HERE IS MY THOUGHT. Nothing will happen. They will get away with it again and they will just sit back rubbing their hands together saying “We got away with it again”