Joe Giudice Files Lawsuit Against the US Bureau of Prisons

We reported that RHONJ star Joe Giudice is being denied the chance to enroll in the RDAP [Residential Drug Abuse] program at Fort Dix, where Joe is currently in prision. The reason being denied is because he isn’t a United States citizen.

Now, Joe is filing a lawsuit against the US Bureau of Prisons for “improperly denying”Joe the chance to enroll in the program which could reduce his sentence by over a year.

Joe is eligible for house arrest on November 11, 2018, but has a detainer that was filed against him because of a deportation hearing which is on March 14, 2019, RadarOnline reports.

Joe says that he isn’t eligible for house arrest because he was “placed in a federal prison that does not permit him to appear before an immigration judge while he serves his sentence,” and is arguing that the detainer is stopping him from enrolling in prison programs such as the RDAP.

“Mr. Giudice, a lawful permanent resident, is being improperly denied admission into the RDAP [Residential Drug Abuse] program, as he is not an ‘immigration and customs enforcement detainee,’” the papers read. “The ICE detainer is unsigned and improperly executed.”

“ICE’S placement of a detainer on him has deprived him of all programs afforded to other inmates at Ft. Dix without giving Mr. Giudice a chance to challenge his removability from the United States,” the documents continued. “He will not be able to fight removal until 2019.”

Do you think Joe should be able to enter the RDAP?

Photo Credit: Bravo