Joe Giudice Faces NEW Cheating Allegations! Who is Davana Medina?


Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Teresa Giudice’s husband, Joe, has been dodging cheating rumors for years now. From been spotted dining with other women to the infamous phone call in Napa that appeared on Season 4 of RHONJ, where Joe was growling to what he claimed was a business associate. Teresa always seems to stand by her husband, despite the cheating allegations, but now an eyewitness reports Joe was getting cozy again with figure competitor, Davana Medina.

According to Perez, an eye witness says, “She was wearing a leather jacket and a short, very tight skirt. They sat in a booth in a semi-secluded corner of the restaurant, and they looked very flirty, leaning into each other to talk and laugh. At one point, Joe playfully touched her thigh under the table. And when the bill came, he paid in cash.”

Davana Medina
Davana Medina

Do YOU believe Joe is unfaithful?

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Yes, I definitely believe he screws around. The way he talked when on the phone in Napa sounded like he was having phone sex. And I cannot believe he called his wife the “C” word. Theresa isn’t the brightest bulb, but what’s it gonna take for her to dump his sorry ass? BTW: I would jump for joy if she was fired from the show. She takes no personal responsibility for things she has said or done to other people. She lives in LaLa Land. And bc of her & her hubby, they are contributing to their children being little… Read more »

Agreeed 100%

I agree about Joe cheating. Tersa may not take responsibility for her actions at times but neither do any of the other ladies. Don’t talk about people’s children though.

I was commenting on her lousy parenting and the rotten example she & her creepy husband are setting for their kids. She’s the one who puts her kids on TV, so it’s her fault if people find fault.

Yeah that’s how it comes off on camera,but we should not judge or ? someone’s parenting skills though.

She puts them on camera. So, I have a right to say what I think. If you don’t think people should make comments about their lousy parenting, send HER an email and tell her he should not have them on the show.

Yes, I agree!!

I agree. You are 100% correct.

can we blame him?….

Lou, yes we can blame him. Teresa has stood by him thick and thin and works so much harder than him to keep the family together emotionally and financially. Without her income he would most likely would be in jail by now, so yes, we can blame him!

Truth be told, he is scum and she’s trash. So they deserve each other. But he has 4 daughters, and if they are aware of what kind of person he is (as well as Teresa), they will be the ones who pay in the long run. They’ve already learned from their Mother how to be a “right fighter”, which makes children angry and feel powerless. Then they grow up to be bullies (like their parents). I know this from experience.

I can’t believe people actually think this nonsense is true! Let’s not forget the most outrageous comments are made without actually seeing them speak. It’s editing at it’s finest. So over this’s all part of the Bravo machine. When I see Joe Guidice (or any of the cast) speak the words from their actual mouths then and only then will I buy it. Until then…I call bullshit!!

Teresa appears to be making the best she can of a tough life. She is not dumb and she is not blind. She has bills to pay and children to raise. She obviously chooses to focus beyond her husband’s shortfalls. She needs the money but the further she can distance herself from the other housewives the better. Keep in mind this show is scripted and she is just an actress. Teresa knows the difference. She is also aware of the gossip about Joe. She has more to focus on in private than all the gossip.

I think Teresa is dumb as a rock; otherwise, she’d learn to speak properly and take personal responsibility. She does neither.

I’m fairly certain I heard gossip about him and that Davana woman at least a year ago. And, I believe Teresa’s reaction at the time was to say that they were old friends having an innocent meal together.

of course this slimy scum bag cheats..

OMGosh………………’s a scripted/half reality show. The drama keeps people tuning in. They donot get paid a 3 figured salary for nothing…………Lawd!!!!!!!!

All of this is hear-say, she would be a fool to leave her husband over hear-say, I know you have heard “believe none of what u hear and half of what u see. Until T see for her self than stay with you husband if that’s what u want to do…

It is VERY obvious that he cheats on her. WHY she stays is cuz she is obsessed with how people view her. And if she left it would show that her home life is just as horrible as her forehead. He is a no good slob and I cant wait until he gets the book thrown at him at the end of may. Dude should have taken the plea deal he will go to prison for a LONG time now. That friends is called Karma.

I agree with you 100%. The fact that she is still on this show astounds me. You would think Bravo would want to have shows that are positive; instead of shows where women punch the crap out of each other and backstabbing each other. Now we have Married to Medicine with brawling wives. Ridiculous!

Davana gets around trust me when I tell you