Joe Giudice Has Had His Driver’s License Suspended 47 Times, Cited For Driving Carelessly In School Zone


Joe Giudice has found himself in more legal trouble. Joe, who has already been indicted by the feds and has a long history of driver’s license suspensions, was cited by police last week in Montville, N.J., for careless driving in a school zone, according to ABC News. Montville Township Administrator Victor Canning said Giudice, on Nov. 5th, swerved into oncoming traffic lanes as a police car approached.

“The officer assumed he was texting,” Canning said of Giudice. “He didn’t actually see him texting but he assumed that’s what he was doing.” Joe is facing state charges after allegedly obtaining a New Jersey driver’s license with his brother’s identity. At the time, Giudice’s license was suspended because of a DUI.

According to New Jersey motor vehicle regulations, Giudice faces a fine of up to $200 and/or up to 15 days in jail for the latest citation. State records show his license has been suspended 47 times since he first became a New Jersey driver in 1987.

Photo Credit: Getty Images