Joe Giudice DMV Trial Set For November 19th

Joe Giudice
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It was determined yesterday that Joe Giudice will be back in court on November 19th for the trial concerning his identity theft case. Joe allegedly took his brother’s identification to obtain a New Jersey driver’s license while his license was suspended for a DUI arrest in June of 2010. Giudice’s lawyer, Miles Feinstein, was working on a murder trial which led to Joe’s trial date being rescheduled.

Joe has reportedly been offered several plea deals, but according to Feinstein he has turned them down because they all include more jail time than similar cases, because of Joe’s celebrity status.

Joe is not only faces forgery charges, which can carry up to an 18-month jail sentence, but he is also facing charges of wrongfully using identifying information of another person, which can carry a sentence of up to ten years in jail.

This does not include the 50 years in federal prison Joe and Teresa are facing on the 39 count indictment by the federal government.

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3 Replies to “Joe Giudice DMV Trial Set For November 19th”

  1. What a crock. He looks drunk in the above picture. Get this BS over with. I for one am sick and tired of hearing and reading about it. For pity sakes it is almost the end of 2013 and this happened in 2010. Bravo must be working overtime to keep this stuff going for ratings. By the way Joe, when and IF you finally go to prison, it would be wise to keep your shirt on.

    1. if joe bothers you so much,why did you read it. glad you aren;t my friend, all you do is complain about everyone,you never joke around always a i’m going on a candy kick,and want to enjoy it, so running away from you fast

  2. Dear only1me you obviously only read some of my notes. I love and compliment the Manzos, the Lauritas, the Wakili’s and of course Rosie. Oh well that’s your problem not mine. Have a nice evening and be sure to brush all that sugar out of your teeth. Happy Halloween!

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