Joe Giudice Could Be Deported To Italy


When Joe and Teresa Giudice surrendered to the feds Tuesday morning, they also had to give up their passports, and a source is telling RadarOnline there is a very good reason why the U.S. Attorney made them do it. The insider tells the site that Joe and Teresa could have been planning a “great escape” to Italy. Joe, is an Italian citizen and he does not have a U.S. passport, despite having lived in the U.S. for most of his life!

Monica Chacon, who is an attorney that worked to win a case against Joe for fraud in 2007 says, “My only guess is … maybe his whole not having a U.S. passport thing would be an easy way for him to escape at some time.”

“One of my clients always used to say that they had a lot of money hidden in Italy,” Chacon adds.

But that’s where the Giudice family could end up. Since Joe is not a U.S. citizen, he faces deportation back to Italy if convicted of ANY of the 39-counts of fraud he is being charged with.

“I assume immigration is on top of it,” Chacon adds. “You don’t need to be a citizen in order to pull off fraud!”

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  1. Monica…good job! So glad someone is on to them and their ways. Let’s hope all your hard work and dedication to your job sees the Guidices’ get what is coming to them. Incredible that they would do all these things and then go on national tv. Beware all others, better have your house in order and skeletons cleaned out of the closet or it could get ugly.

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