Joe Giudice And Joe Gorga Talk Teresa On WWHL


With the premiere of RHONJ: Teresa Checks In Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen Sunday night to catch up and answer viewer questions.

Andy asked Joe Giudice a series of questions he had after watching the show. First, that Joe had mentioned he hadn’t slept in his own bed since Teresa left for Danbury. “No, I started sleeping on my bed,” he admitted, then joked, “I couldn’t get my TV to work.”

What has been the toughest moment to get through without Teresa? “Everyday is a tough day without her around,” he said. “So, no, I just have to make sure that the girls are good and make sure that everything is good as far as their activities everyday. I just have to keep them busy.”

Teresa told her youngest daughters she’s away working. Does Joe think they know more of what’s going on? “Yeah, they know everything,” Giudice admitted.

Has going through this made Joe a better man? “I wouldn’t say made me a better man, it just made me step up to the plate and made me do things I didn’t have to do before as far as taking care of the girls and doing everything that I’m doing,” he explained. “You gotta adapt. Make changes.”

Next, Andy started going through viewer questions for Joe and Joe. The most asked question was is the family closer now? “Definitely,” Gorga answered, and Giudice agreed.

Why was Teresa so mad at Joe Gorga before she checked in? “Not that she was mad… she got some things after her chest that we hadn’t talked about,” he explained.

Does Joe Gorga blame Joe Giudice for Teresa going to jail? “Well, yes… who am I going to blame?” Gorga said. Andy asked for Giudice’s reaction. “I don’t know why he would blame me, but everybody’s got their own opinion on things,” Giudice responded. “I would blame more him than anybody. Coming on the show and talking all the crap he talked all the years with everything going on. I would blame more him than me.”

A caller asked Joe Gorga about Gia’s comment how she didn’t feel comfortable with his wife Melissa. “We’ve come off of many years of problems or whatever, so it takes a little time for it to happen and Teresa obviously isn’t around so it’s going to take a little bit more time,” Gorga explained.

Another caller asked Joe Giudice if he’s exploiting the kids by having them on the show? “I wouldn’t say I’m exploiting them. I talked to them before I would do anything,” he said. “They agree I’ll do it, otherwise I wouldn’t do it.”

Have the Manzos are Lauritas reached out to Joe since Teresa went away? “No,” Giudice said. “The only people that reached out from the cast are Dina, also Rino a lot.”

Andy mentioned that viewers were outraged Joe didn’t take responsibility for Teresa’s prison sentence and made a comment blaming Joe Gorga instead. “I disagree with that because I did take full responsibility prior to that before any of this ever happened,” he explained. “It just so happened the way it did, but I did take full responsibility for everything.”

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  1. Both of these guys look like they are going to die any moment… they are so buffed and look like chokeing… and I don’t think they are THAT old ….

    1. I don’tlike Joe but, I wanted to point out tha Joe did take full responsibility for his crimes, people interview. I’m not saying much about the Gorgas except the tooth fairy must have got confused and taken his brain instead of the tooth! They were mixed up in it and that is all I will say! Maybe their turn next????? There is no one apart from Kids that are innocent on that show. Perhaps it’s time to cancel it.

        1. Google it! Joe Guidice did an interview with People saying he was responsible! I will leave the rest for you to find out I don’t want to be accused of slander again!

  2. Guidice blaming Gorga for all those years HE and wife Terese committing fraud? That sums it up right there. Enoigh said. Crooked Giudices

  3. Never liked, didn’t watch it and don’t want to, so I have no comments on anything New Jersey related other than it appears that most of them just learned how to walk upright and leave their clubs in their caves. It takes a while to evolve from half-ape to normal, functioning, law-abiding members of society. And with that, I’ll wait till the posts from OC housewives tonight!

    1. I’ll say! Gigicat that’s a lot of ugly in one little post for someone who claims to digress…a LOT. Not cute or funny. Just hateful.

      1. Gigicat is entitled to her opinion whether you or I like it or not! Stick to the HW and hangers on not posters! Gigicat never snarks at other posters as you have here!

        1. Sally, I agree with you. I was commenting on what I thought was an entitled attitude and nothing more. Gigicat has MORE THAN explained exactly how she feels about every facet of what she assumed I was saying, and beyond that…meanwhile, please mind your business and don’t assume you understand any more than she does what I was saying. Oh, thanks for the advice? Naw….Perhaps you should pay more attention to how you come across yourself. A know it all bully. Not good.

          1. Your comment has given me a good laugh this morning! I am the furthest thing from a bully this site has seen, I don’t pick on posters! I will defend my friends opinions on here whether I agree with them or not they are entitled to say how they feel without getting bashed by other posters. Gigicat was not replying to you or anyone else so back off with respect please!

            1. Are you even listening to yourself? I am entitled to my opinion as well and will continue to express it; you need to re-read your posts; you express yourself as if you hold the key to the facts and you disrespect others with some pretty harsh words. Why are you so angry?

              1. Snider, I am letting this go now, I apologized down thread to you prior to your last comment. That is it, I’m done here, I won’t respond to your comments kindly do same for me. This is getting ridiculous it’s ended!

                1. I am done too. I just did not appreciate being told who I can and can not respond to whether or not they are directing their comments at me. Not sure you understood that you were saying your friend is entitled to her opinion and I am somehow not. I am carrying on business as usual.

  4. I felt so sorry for all the Guidices, even the 2 that brought all this on themselves. Its just sad. Joe’s love for Theresa was really touching as was his grief for his dad. I have compassion for his human suffering. I hope this makes him a better man….But I was beyond appalled at his blaming Joe Gorga for his problems. Theresa blames him and Melissa too. I feel so bad for the Gorgas. They have really been put though hell by Teresa and Joe and publicly humiliated too. Terrible. They don’t deserve it.

  5. Also I saw Melissa’s face so hurt after Gia said she isnt ready for a close relationship with Melissa even now when they need their family. What a terrible blow. And that is all coming from Theresa. She is the hater.

  6. The Gorga’s (Messy & Stumpy) sure don’t mind having their face’s shown with the “felons” now…hmmm
    Makes me wonder who needs who? I don’t think they are there for support unless it’s support for themselves $$. jmo

  7. Gia is a little twit. Melissa is the only one in the bunch with a college education and overall she is not mean. She didn’t steal millions of tax payer and business partner’s funds, nor did she flaunt her theft for the world to see. Gia needs a reality check or she could end up in the slammer like her mom.

      1. Yeah it’s a family relationship; Melissa is her AUNT not her friend; Joe is her Godfather I believe. Despite the fact she has been brainwashed against the Gorga’s, she is a sweet little girl. Children are definitely off limits!

    1. That is one of the most disgusting comments ever on here! One thing I cannot abide is posters attacking kids! You are supposed to be an adult act like it! Good Grief! If MeIissa is so educated why did she run from the state over her shop lifting! How did she pay for her boob job????? Your comment agh!!!!!!!

        1. She is 14 not a little kid! A teenager! All the girls dress like that for school dances! What do you want Mary Janes and a doll????? If you have a teenager poor girl! You obviously don’t understand them!

          1. No Sally, they actually don’t ALL dress in full makeup and stiletto’s for the 8th grade dance. Not where I come from. I would not let my daughter out of the house in 4 inch stiletto’s and all that crap on her beautiful sweet face, nor would she want to go out looking like that.

            1. My Daughter and all of her friends did, then they came home after having fun all night took it off until the next dance! She is now 30 and still as sweet and beautiful as she was at 14! No harm was done!

            2. I stick by all of my comments except one, I apologize for saying I felt sorry for your Daughter! It wasn’t kind of me! But it really didn’t do my daughter any harm and at 30 she is still sweet and beautiful.

      1. You are referring to Gia here as a “kid” and then slamming another poster by saying you hope they don’t have teenagers because they don’t understand them and calling Gia a teenager in your next post. You are as irrational as Teresa.

        1. Martha and Kathy, Ok! Point taken, in my first post I meant all offspring of housewives does that make it clear! I am not irrational at all. I just do not like posters making nasty comments on any kids/ teens! I think even you can understand that or can you?

    2. One more point about your precious Melissa, Do you not think her saying she wanted to move to take her daughter away from Tre’s girls so they couldn’t bully her was sick? Especially as Antonia and Milana were really close friends. Writing in her book about marital rape? I don’t care what you think about Teresa but get some facts straight about poor not innocent little Melissa.

  8. I actually felt bad when I heard Gia say that it will take her a while to trust Melissa. Regardless of their situation, that is her Aunt and she is a child so she shouldn’t know as much as she does about adult problems. I had to laugh at Joe blaming the Gorgas joining the show for Teresa going to prison. It was an immature stab back at Joe Gorga for saying that he did blame Joe Guidice.

  9. Did anyone else notice that all Teresa talked about when she called home was “Gia’s big day”? Meanwhile those 3 little girls were sitting there hoping they will get a turn to talk to their mother on her ten minute phone call. All Teresa cared about was whether or not Gia got her hair makeup done and if the house was decorated or not. Oh, and Joe is gonna have abs soon. It’s all for show. She needs to be worried about how many bottles of wine he is drinking. Afterall, he is an alcoholic.

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