Joe Giudice Accused Of Cheating On Teresa… Again


Last week during a lost footage episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, TerEsa Aprea alleged that Joe Giudice had cheated on his wife Teresa. And according to a new report, Giudice is fuming over the claims that her husband was unfaithful.

Aprea said: “Joe, my friends said, ‘Oh, in the past he’s been a cheater and he hasn’t been the best husband.’”

“Teresa didn’t want any of the cheating allegations to air during the season,” an insider told RadarOnline. “Bravo agreed, because they were afraid she wouldn’t participate in any of the promotional junkets for RHONJ if they didn’t.”

But by the time the “Secrets Revealed” special rolled around, the source said, “All bets were off! Teresa Aprea made her allegations, and Teresa was absolutely fuming that the rumors surfaced. It’s all about public perception for Teresa, and she wants the world to think she is happily married.”

“The fact is that Teresa and Joe are miserable in the marriage,” an insider revealed. “Joe has hardly been spending any time at home.”

“Joe has always had a wandering eye, everybody knows it,” the source said. “Who could blame Joe if he did cheat? Look at the mess he has to deal with at home!”

“It will be very interesting to see what happens once Teresa goes to prison on January 5. Don’t expect Joe to live like a hermit or a monk!” the source adds.

This isn’t the first time Joe has been accused of cheating. In 2012 he was photographed having drinks with another woman. In 2013, he was photographed again with a different woman at a diner. Teresa later claimed the mystery woman was the couple’s nanny Nicole Cemelli.

Do YOU believe Joe Giudice has been faithful?

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11 Replies to “Joe Giudice Accused Of Cheating On Teresa… Again”

  1. Of course not he is a Narcissist with a Capital N. These types of people are known cheaters and feel that they can do anything that they want and will get away with it. Lying is disgusting Joe’s way of explaining himself in everything that he does. He is stressed out by all that is going on and Im sure Teresa is not giving it up regularly. I have no remorse for either of them but what we saw was Teresa pressuring Joe for everything. THe biggest parties, the best house the jewelry, the best dressed kids and god forbid they don’t have a bow on their heads.
    He had extra stress trying to keep her in a lifestyle that she insisted on having. Loans were the only way he could keep up. Remember Tre saying My money is my money and his money is my money” The other thing that was just crazy was when Joe called Tre a C word he had to buy her really expensive jewelry. Alot of it from what was told to us. If your in financial hell why would you insist your husband buy you something as a way to saying sorry. It seems to me if your husband screws up and does something stupid like that an apology and attention would be the way to handle that, but not Joe and Tre let’s make multiple trips to the jewelry store and spend money we don’t have.. THese people are immoral, stupid, arogant and just plain stupid. They deserve what is happening to them and Joe is not going to sit at home and whimper while Tre is AWAY….. we will see plenty of stories of him out and about with “Family friends”….

    1. We already see one child Turing into a rotten deliquent and another looking like a hoe and trying to sell herself on social media.

  2. Of course I believe Joe is a Cheater. Signs are all there. Why on earth would this man be with two different women in a bar/restaurant without his spouse? Why would he be having dinner with the nanny alone? Yeah, explain away that “cu$t” comment he made on air while he was almost having an organism on the phone. Even children commented how they slept in seperate rooms.

    1. wow Lori I was just thinking the same thing. There must be some very hard up women out there who think they might be getting something being with that disgusting excuse of a man. I think if he approached me I would throw up on him. He is so gross. He’s rude, drunken alcoholic, abusive mean lying cheating pig. Did I cover everything?

  3. since there is no like button i like all of the above lol everybody knows including his wife … i can only imagine the damage he is going to do to those girls in the very short term his wife will serve. lucky for them there momma was charged like the average ‘joe’

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