Joe Francis Claims He Slept With Joanna & Marta Krupa In Upcoming RHOM Episode!

Girls Gone Wild Founder, Joe Francis, is out of jail and stirring up the drama on The Real Housewives of Miami. He is at a party with the ladies and boasts, “How funny is it? I put Joanna on television for the first time… When she moved from Chicago with her sister Marta…I met her through a mutual friend like her first week in LA.”

“Actually I dated both sisters too, Marta and Joanna,” he continues to brag. When asked if he slept with them Francis says, “Yes…Go ask Marta. It’s true.” Karent decides to go tell Joanna right away what Joe is saying.

Joanna is disgusted with Joe’s allegations telling him, “You’re a f***ing sicko.” Joe continues to taunt Joanna saying, “And you gave me a [bleep] in a movie theater Joanna!” Then, Joanna runs to fill in Marta on what’s going on, saying, “Joe Francis is telling people we both slept with him. How embarrassing.” Marta giggles and hides her face, and Joanna asks, “You slept with him?” Her sister replies, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

You can watch the preview below!

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Photo/Video Credit: Bravo