Joe And Melissa Gorga’s Jamaican Vacation Photos


Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Melissa Gorga snuck away from the cold East Coast  weather and went on an intimate trip together in Jamaica. Earlier this month, they stayed at the Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay and now, they are sharing their vaca photos with Bravo.

Check out photos of the happy couple below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Ew at least when other housewives realise their fake holiday photos they’re not like staring into the camera, posing.
This is one of the worst fake photo shoots I’ve ever seen.

Do the Gorgas WANT to look like total douchebags? On one hand, good for them vacationing in places most Americans can’t afford traveling and lodging costs. Let the GUIDICES choke on their prison sentence and lot in life especially when they REFUSED help from the Gorgas. ON the other hand–Gorgas look like total fools, as their number is up next.

I think I may have thrown up in my mouth. I can’t stand these two. They are seriously annoying. I would find it hilarious if they were the next ones nabbed for fraud.

Joey looks hilarious riding that bike.

Not that big of a Gorga fan but they do look like genuinely in love.