Joanna Krupa vs. Brandi Glanville, Mohammed And Yolanda Speak Out


Joanna Krupa is speaking out after Brandi Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live and confirmed rumors Joanna slept with Mohammed Hadid while he was married to Yolanda Foster. “Joanna had sex with Mohammed,” Brandi revealed. “It was one of many affairs,” she said as she explained it wasn’t the “exact situation” that ended their marriage. “I was at a party with Yolanda and when Joanna started to walk up to us… we had to go,” Brandi said of Yolanda’s feelings regarding Krupa.

“I guess Brandi will stoop so low to make up fake stories to hurt her so called friend Yolanda,” Joanna tells Radar. “She is desperate for attention.” Adding, “Mohamed has been nothing but a wonderful friend to me for 10 years. What I do in my private life is my business and never broke up any marriage!”

The feud also continued on Twitter after Brandi’s statement. Joanna took to Twitter to confront Brandi’s accusations. “No wonder her husband left her,” Joanna tweeted while WWHL was still airing. Brandi’s response? “Well, Mohamed told me that her p—y smelled!” Listen to Brandi react to Joanna’s tweet at the 2:00 mark.

With accusations flying everywhere, Mohammed also spoke about the rumors on Twitter, writing, “Sadly I take responsibility 4 braking (sic) up our marriage. YO never even knew of JO. Jo and I have been only best friend for 10 years. Two years after separation.” He continued, “Joanna had nothing to do with our split. Stop this (sic) rumors. Friends for 10 years. U got to stop. Yolanda never ever found us sleeping together.”




Mohammed also addressed Brandi on Twitter. “[That’s] such a lie … I don’t talk like that … disgusting … pure lies.” Then, Mohammed addressed Andy Cohen, saying Brandi “is such a scum and a foul mouth,” and that he was “saddened” by statements on WWHL. “I would never speak of private” matters with her, he said of Brandi.


Yolanda also took to Twitter to weigh in and it appears she’s sticking by Brandi’s side. “Only @MohammedAHadid @joannakrupa & God know d truth of this 12 yr old accusation, I choose 2 focus on d now & spare my babies this negativity.”


Who do you believe?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo