Joanna Krupa vs. Brandi Glanville, Mohammed And Yolanda Speak Out


Joanna Krupa is speaking out after Brandi Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live and confirmed rumors Joanna slept with Mohammed Hadid while he was married to Yolanda Foster. “Joanna had sex with Mohammed,” Brandi revealed. “It was one of many affairs,” she said as she explained it wasn’t the “exact situation” that ended their marriage. “I was at a party with Yolanda and when Joanna started to walk up to us… we had to go,” Brandi said of Yolanda’s feelings regarding Krupa.

“I guess Brandi will stoop so low to make up fake stories to hurt her so called friend Yolanda,” Joanna tells Radar. “She is desperate for attention.” Adding, “Mohamed has been nothing but a wonderful friend to me for 10 years. What I do in my private life is my business and never broke up any marriage!”

The feud also continued on Twitter after Brandi’s statement. Joanna took to Twitter to confront Brandi’s accusations. “No wonder her husband left her,” Joanna tweeted while WWHL was still airing. Brandi’s response? “Well, Mohamed told me that her p—y smelled!” Listen to Brandi react to Joanna’s tweet at the 2:00 mark.

With accusations flying everywhere, Mohammed also spoke about the rumors on Twitter, writing, “Sadly I take responsibility 4 braking (sic) up our marriage. YO never even knew of JO. Jo and I have been only best friend for 10 years. Two years after separation.” He continued, “Joanna had nothing to do with our split. Stop this (sic) rumors. Friends for 10 years. U got to stop. Yolanda never ever found us sleeping together.”




Mohammed also addressed Brandi on Twitter. “[That’s] such a lie … I don’t talk like that … disgusting … pure lies.” Then, Mohammed addressed Andy Cohen, saying Brandi “is such a scum and a foul mouth,” and that he was “saddened” by statements on WWHL. “I would never speak of private” matters with her, he said of Brandi.


Yolanda also took to Twitter to weigh in and it appears she’s sticking by Brandi’s side. “Only @MohammedAHadid @joannakrupa & God know d truth of this 12 yr old accusation, I choose 2 focus on d now & spare my babies this negativity.”


Who do you believe?

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  • linda in spring

    Unfortunately, the person it will hurt the most is Andy Cohen because this kind of talk is changing his Television network BRAVO brand to trash. He had better learn quickly when silly gossip turns to vulgarity and dump the participates. The fans don’t watch housewives for this kind of stuff.

    • Tana Elia

      Thank you so much “Linda in spring”, I have tried and tried to leave post hoping for people to wake up and see that BRAVO has turned this RH franchise into a trashy, hurtful, spiteful and negative would be saying it nicely. And on his now famous show WWHL, You now see how low someone like Brandi Glanville will say such a horrified remark on a live show and his guest, who is happily married tried to make light of how uncomfortable he felt. I am horrified by Brandi and at first thought she was a loyal friend and had funny one liners but after back stabbing the only lady who made her, yes made her relevant was Lisa Vanderpump and she is now even backstabbing her by befriending the unknown Yolanda Foster, I care more about her husband’s wonderful contribution to music that to worry about Yolanda who married a billionaire, Mohammed, who’s been on every show from Shahs of Sunset, Million Dollar Listing, so I feel horrible about myself for buying Brandi’s book and then buying Andy’s book. I only lined their pockets and now their true characters are coming out. And viewers, if you haven’t noticed, they are recycling the same casts of people to cross over to other shows over and over. Back to Joanna, I haven’t been a fan of hers from the beginning but even Joanna Krupa didn’t deserve to hear that her “lady area smelled on national TV” because women are so super sensitive to comments about our own personal lady business. Shame on you Brandi, because of you I have taken RHOBH off of my DVR and told all my friends to do so as well because this franchise is no longer light hearted and funny but it’s become a dark mess and made these women not being able to see past the dollar signs of their short lived fame and another thing to make fans aware of that’s once their fired, their little books, wine lines, jewelry lines, fashion lines and singing career, I say that loosely suddenly become defunct because in the eyes of actual business people they are no longer relevant since they are no longer on someone’s TV on a weekly or seasonal basis. #truetothecore

  • Aunt Bee

    I would never believe Brandi. What gives her the right to tell private things about people on National TV! Look what she did to the Maloofs and now this nonsense about Joanna. Brandi is nothing but a bad mouthed trouble maker looking to sell her book. Who ever even heard of her before her divorce from Eddie???????

  • AnotherRHO_Fan

    The LAST person I would believe is the man who cheated on and lied to his wife…followed by the chica who broadcast to the world via RHOM that her husband wasn’t having sex with (could that smelly p**** have been the reason?)…next consider the ex wife, although not commenting to the contrary, is NOT calling her friend a liar, and Yo will always call you out if you are lying…and finally, even though you may not like her or like what she says, Brandi has a documented record of speaking the truth and proving over time that her words are, indeed, TRUTH .

    • Giuliana

      forgetting about that lawsuit are we…

  • PixNTrix

    Yolanda Foster is the only class act in this whole mess started by Adri-liar!!!

  • DebBrenn

    Whether it’s true or not, Brandi crosses the line of friendship if she tells tales that aren’t hers to tell. She really needs to get a grip on that mouth of hers. When she was friends with Lisa she was getting good advice delivered in a caring way. Good luck getting a real friendship from Kyle.

  • Jennie

    I have to believe Brandi. Joanna is that whore kind…said so herself. Yolanda knows the truth, and so does liar Joanna…but don’t worry..what comes around goes around…Joanna has hers coming…it may be in the form of a gay husband….

  • Ann

    Really, who gives a rat’s ass? One is worse than the other.

  • AnotherRHO_Fan

    Who do I believe? NOT the womanizing ex-husband, who overtly cheated on and lied to his wife during their marriage. NOT the chica, who publicly called out her boyfriend / husband for not having sex with her for months at a time (could it be he thought her p**** smelled foul, too?) NOTICE the ex-wife, with a definitive reputation for calling people out for dishonesty and standing by her convictions, DID NOT engage in doing so against her friend for her statements. NOTICE the bold and brutally honest one, with a track record for calling a liar a liar and standing behind the truth under the most adverse situations / conditions is typically the one who is vindicated over time by the truth manifesting itself for all to see her words were…and are TRUE. That is what I believe. That is all.

  • Aunt Bee

    Maybe so and so is not a liar but she ought to look up DISCRETION and INTEGRITY. She is nothing but a big blabber mouth who makes herself look bad. She is definitely not trustworthy.

  • Deonn

    I believe Brandi lol! But I think that was so wrong of her to give that info to alexia and ADRIANNA lol like she did that with a motive lol because she doesn’t like Joanna she gave the info to Adrianna because Adrianna had the reasons to attack her! Lol I’m glad it came out because it’s interesting to see but at the same time Brandi class up not everything that’s spoken in private is best to bring public

  • Leese

    I believe Brandi. Yolanda could have said no but she didn‘t. By saying God & them know the truth is not confirming but not denying it. Yolanda is too classy to throw her ex under the bus in the public eye. Brandi has no filter but I don’t believe her to be a liar. She told the truth about Adrienne. She just has a problem with her big mouth. She was totally wrong for spilling the beans. That was her friends business and not hers. But again, I believe it to be 100% true!

  • Aunt Bee

    They may live in Beverly Hills but as far as I see it trash is trash no matter where you live.

  • mojo

    This woman Brandi is a vile and just a piece of maggot at the bottom of a shoe. Her two boys will, unfortunately, pay the price of being shame by their vile drunkard mother. Bad Karma started to happen to this brandi-her jaws displced(tmj) tongue got swollen and having a relasped