Joanna Krupa To Set Wedding Date With Romain Zago! Plus- Her Fight With Adriana!

Real Housewives of Miami Star Joanna Krupa stopped by Access Hollywood to chat about wedding plans with her fiancé, and her fight with cast mate, Adriana de Moura. “Ever since I met her, she’s had this hatred for me, I don’t know why,” Joanna explains. As far as the night of the infamous slap? “I’ve never seen the devil in my life, but that night I saw the devil,” Joanna says of Adriana.

Besides slapping Joanna, Adriana was also caught flirting with Krupa’s fiancé, Romain Zago, on camera. “She tried to flirt with him, but I don’t even care about that, I mean, come on!” Joanna exclaims.

Throughout filming Season 2 the women eventually find peace, but the claws have come out again. “There are currents events that have occurred that I don’t know if we could ever be friends to be honest with you,” Joanna reveals.

Bravo has shown a rocky relationship between Joanna and her fiance, Romain, who was “mentally unfaithful,” they are moving on and looking forward to their wedding date. Joanna maintains that Romain never “physically” cheated on her with his co-worker. Just flirty e-mails and texts she found on his computer, which was shown on RHOM. “Within the next year, we’re going to set our wedding date,” Joanna reveals.

“I focused on my life and put him on the side,” she said of their strained relationship. “If our relationship was perfect and I found those e-mails, then yeah, I would have been done, but the fact that I wasn’t perfect and I didn’t give a 150 percent in the relationship as well, so I’ll take blame as much as he will.”

Joanna also reveals that the Bravo cameras actually helped their relationship, saying, “It brought us closer.” And about their physical relationship? “You would think we’d be in the bedroom all day and all night, but no,” Joanna says. “I don’t know what the problem is, ask him. I think he works too much and is stressed, Joanna says, adding, “We gotta fix it.”

Tell Us- Whose side are you on, Joanna or Adriana? What do you think of Romain?

Photo Credit: Access Hollywood


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