Joanna Krupa Suing Brandi Glanville Over Vulgar Comments


Brandi Glanville’s feud with Joanna Krupa just got messier as reports state that Krupa has sent a letter to Glanville stating that she intends to sue her. In the letter, Joanna claims Brandi made “false, damaging and humiliating” statements (aka her infamous diss about Krupa’s “smelly” lady parts) causing her “hatred, ridicule and/or injury.”

On November 11th, 2013, Glanville accused Joanna of sleeping with co-star Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, while he was still married, saying, “Well, Mohamed did tell me that her p***y smelled.”

Brandi brought up the subject again in a special interview with Andy Cohen. She asked Cohen about the last time he saw Joanna, asking, “Did you get food poisoning? From bad sushi that night?”

And Krupa is pissed. She tells In Touch, “She doesn’t even know me!”

Now, Joanna has turned the mess over to her high-powered attorney, Ray Rafool.

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45 Replies to “Joanna Krupa Suing Brandi Glanville Over Vulgar Comments”

  1. I was pretty disgusted that Brandi said what she said about a person she doesn’t even know. She shouldn’t get away with spreading that kind of malicious, humiliating, unprovable slander. Its absolutely unforgiveable.

      1. From what I understand, Brandi has nasty issues ‘down there’ as well and the fact that she can’t keep a man speaks volumes. Also, just looking at the two pics above, one looks cleaner and fresher to me, and its not Brandi. ewe.

  2. I have always thought twinkle might be Brandi or friends, it’s the silly sort of name She would choose. Brandi should get her mouth disinfected, maybe that’s Her smelly part!

    1. Yeah, like these reality he’s have nothing better to do than respond to some random comments.
      I think sumack5 sounds like our stinky friend. Hi Joanna!

      1. Up until now I have enjoyed this site, good and bad comments, but now I find you so offensive, I live in UK and old enough to be mother to both women, I am signing off, I have much better things to do with my time than read your comments, no point in replying, to me anyway as this is me signing off. Have a good life I pity you.

  3. It would be horrible to have that said about u, but publicly it would be devastating. Starting a rumor is one thing but on national TV is a whole other low. That being said, Brandi looks like the type that could give people some sushi food poisoning herself lol.

  4. Who cares what Brandi thinks about Joanna’s va jay jay? If Joanna knows its not true then why keep dragging it up again. Who is causing the humanization if she is adding fuel to the fire by constantly bringing it back up again. Just let it die for peets sake. Do they have nothing better to do than sue/talk about smelly vagina’s? Isn’t there a charity out there they could be helping or something? anything?

  5. Brandy doesn’t have to worry about her VJ ever smelling nor any part of her body. She disenfects with vodka as often as possible. Although I doubt that the person in question has any odors, anyone who has ever taken a college biology course or Sex 101 would know that there are reasons that certain parts of the body have certain scents mostly found erotic to the male. But I forget that Brandy doesn’t read, she is just poor white trash. She has had a shot at bringing herself up yet has landed even further in the sewer. She has no respect for herself, so why should she have any for someone else.

  6. Are there really two people that utterly classless, or is Twinkle Brandi? I think the first time Brandi dropped this disgusting comment the woman probably just hoped it would go away. Since Brandi just made a joke about it recently on WWHL it was probably too much for Krupa to not file suit. BTW, Hadad has categorically denied ever saying that, so Brandi is probably screwed in court. Good. She deserves it.

    1. I bet the LAST thing Hadid and Yo want to be dragged into court over this! This could SOUR old Yo’s determined stand- up for Brandi no matter what attitude!

  7. BrandiTwinkle is disgusting. Women don’t say those things about other women…Both of them are trashy….. this should be interesting

    1. Cin -Does calling me “disgusting “build your own self esteem in some manner? You want to name call…you’re an idiot, stfu. Can’t keep it about the housewives….nneed to get personal with a complete stranger = dumbazz .

        1. again….. seriously…. this lawsuit has nothing to do with the housewives… again laughing my butt off at you BrandiTwinkle….

  8. I’m glad for Joanna, she was pretty successful before RHOM, and brandi with her vulgar mouth trying to put lies out there about her was just truly wrong. trampon/brandi is sooo jealous of Joanna’s natural beauty and talent.
    brandi needs to be held accountable for her trashy uncouth behaviour and as in most cases (money talks), that is probably the only thing to get brandi to shut her gross piehole.
    It’s one thing to speak freely and another when you set out to destroy someones character and possible future business dealings—it’s just vindictive and evil of brandi. brandi is demonic and needs an exorcist or strong medications for her scitzo behaviour…..
    Besides (Joanna) is a big advocate for animals and is a successful model (she doesn’t need the money), and I could see her donating it to her favorite charity (animals in need).
    And unlike lemonhead, Joanna is one smart cookie, she owns like 6 homes in California alone, and not because she married some rich old dude.. She did it all on her own.. Give her props for that—then look at brandi—what has she done for anyone other than herself?


    2. What has she done for anyone but herself….and her 2 sons, right. Do you audit these reality folks & personally KNOW what any donate either cash or time to? What an asinine comment.

  9. Team Joanna, get a judge to shut that gross piehole called trampon—(please)….
    The funny thing is, brandi does not even know Joanna—-so in brandi’s twisted mind, because her husband had an affair–that justifies her going around attacking anyone? So want bravo/missandy to fire this garbage (trampon string)….

    1. Hmmmm, did it ever dawn on you the term = RATINGS? Cohen knows who his cash cows are….tthose on other tv shows (Nene & Brandy),those who have best selling books (#2), etc. Those letter campaigns to dump Brandi have been uber effective.
      These two women; Brandi & Joanna are in cahoots. You do understand this don’t you? No, it’s all real…authentic

      1. Lisa Vanderpump is Andy Cohen’s Beverly Hills cash cow. Cutting Brandi would not affect the ratings, but did you see how stressed Bravo got when Lisa threatened to quit? Should Lisa Vanderpump quit, Bravo knows they would have to axe Beverly Hills. Brandi herself said it: Lisa IS the show.

  10. Is there no end to Brandi’s filth? She smells all the way here & should be confined to the garbage dumpster. How much lower can a person get?!

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