Joanna Krupa Says She & Romain Zago Definitely Want Kids!


Real Housewives of Miami Star Joanna Krupa just tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Romain Zago, and already Joanna is being asked when the couple will have children. “I definitely want to,” Joanna tells the Dish. “But not in the near future. But who knows? Sometimes things happen!” Joanna explains that she wants to spend time with her hubby before adding children in the mix.

“I want to enjoy our marriage for a little while even though I don’t feel anything has changed,” she admits. “I thought maybe when we got married, we’d bicker less, but oh no, nothing’s changed! We’re still the same crazy couple!”

“If we have a boy, I pray he looks like Romain because he was the cutest little boy,” she says. “And I’d want a girl to look like me! But I’d really love to have twins. My dad’s a twin and they say it skips a generation. I’d love that. Wham, bam and be done with it!”

“Romain always tells me, ‘Oh my lord, when you’re pregnant, I’m closing you in a little room for nine months and leaving you there because you’ll probably be the biggest bitch on the planet!” she laughs. “At least he’s honest! He definitely doesn’t hold back—just like I don’t. The things that come out of our mouths, it’s like, ‘Did we just say that?!”

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5 Replies to “Joanna Krupa Says She & Romain Zago Definitely Want Kids!”

  1. Am I the only one who thinks that these two would not make the best parents? I give their marriage may be a year, two tops…

    1. They should have just dated to they exhausted the relationship. This won’t last. I think they get married for something to do, or just maybe pressure from family and friends.

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