Joanna Krupa Says Brandi Glanville Has A Drinking Problem, Says She Has Words For Her Next Time They See Each Other


Joanna Krupa is responding to Brandi Glanville’s racial remark that was aired on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “I watched both episodes and I thought ‘holy s**t! What is wrong with this woman?!’” Krupa told Celebuzz. Not only is Joanna disgusted by Brandi’s comment about black people, she also couldn’t believe the disrespect she showed for Stevie Wonder when David Foster was being awarded on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. “Hey Stevie!,” Brandi said during her interview. “I took a picture of him. I don’t think he saw,” and laughed.

“I was watching Yolanda Foster and her husband and this amazing moment for them and then I was repulsed and disgusted,” Joanna said. “When you think someone can’t get any lower than that, she can beat it. There are not many words to describe her.” Adding, “I felt really bad for Stevie. It’s not something to joke about. It’s ignorant.”

“I don’t know what her little brain thinks,” Joanna said. “I get it, it’s reality TV and it’s about ratings and maybe she feels that it’s her job, but she should learn the difference between being dramatic on TV and how to be sensitive.”

“I just think she has an alcohol issue,” Joanna continued. “When she says stupid things it tends to be after she’s had a drink. I don’t know if it’s for attention, but it fuels her to put people down. She really needs to understand that it’s only hurting her in the end. She’s not thinking.”

“It’s one thing to censor yourself and another to completely offend a whole race,” Joanna said. “It’s ignorant. I’m sick of it because how many times are you going to apologize? And you can’t keep saying your sorry to backpedal. How many times are people are going to forgive her?”

“I have a word or two to say to her if I see her,” said Joanna. “I still think I deserve an apology. She hurt me, Yolanda, Mohamed and my husband as well.”

Photo Credit: Bravo