Joanna Krupa Reveals She Had An Eating Disorder


Real Housewives of Miami star and model Joanna Krupa is revealing to Star Magazine that she had an eating disorder. When she moved to L.A. and couldn’t get any modeling gigs she gained over twenty pounds. “I cried every day,” she says. This depression led to binge eating. “I had never worked out or dieted, and I didn’t want to start!” she says. “I wanted the easy way out, so I bought laxatives. Then I started starving myself all day, then bingeing at night because I was so hungry.”

“I had to keep taking more and more to make them work, and if I didn’t take them, I couldn’t go to the bathroom,” she explains. “It started to show in my face and body. I was dry and dehydrated, and it made my skin wrinkled and my hair crunchy, and I had no energy. I came to L.A. outgoing and healthy, and now my need to be thin had ruined me.”

Joanna started working with a nutritionist and acupuncturist to stop taking the pills. “I work out four to five times a week, run, and I do CrossFit,” she says. “I still worry about being camera ready, but I’m no longer obsessed.”

“The danger I put myself in is so frightening. I was lucky to not have any long-term effects, and now I just want other girls and women to know that there is help out there,” she admits.

Photo Credit: Bravo