Joanna Krupa Implies Lisa Hochstein’s Drinking Problem Causes Infertility


The Real Housewives of Miami reunion was explosive as the ladies battled it out. At the center of the drama was Joanna Krupa, who feuded with her former friend, Lisa Hochstein, and made allegations that Lisa’s alcohol consumption was the reason for her fertility problems. Krupa was accused of making digs all season at Hochstein’s fertility problems, but at the reunion, she didn’t hold back from alleging that Lisa has a drinking problem.

Joanna also took to Twitter to continue the feud with Lisa. “Let’s education ourselves shall we?” Krupa tweeted after the first part of the reunion aired. “Alcohol hinders having a baby through IVF, couples warned. Research into consumption found fertility of men and women affected by drinking.”



Lisa responded to Joanna’s tweet, writing, “So caring! Aww what a great person. So sweet!” Lisa added, “It never ends with the digs. I’m too busy enjoying and focusing on my beautiful life. Ta ta!” Lisa also offered Joanna the award for the “most insensitive bitch.”

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3 Replies to “Joanna Krupa Implies Lisa Hochstein’s Drinking Problem Causes Infertility”

  1. Lisa calls herself a peacemaker but she is just the opposite. I think she is a younger version of Lea Black – self righteous, opinionated and holier than thou.

  2. Joanna is so pretty on the outside but on the inside she is a horrible person. I hope she is able to keep her good looks in her old age because if not, no one will want to be around her.

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