Joanna Krupa Explains How She & Lea Black Became Close Friends


Joanna Krupa is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain how she and Lea Black became closer before and during filming season 3 of The Real Housewives of Miami. Joanna says the way Adriana used Lea was hurtful and questions why Adriana never got an annulment if her wedding from Frederic was called off.

Joanna writes, “Lea and I became closer over the summer, and I know she was very upset once she learned that Adriana and Frederic have been married for almost 5 years. Normally I wouldn’t care, as I have my own life to focus on and worry about, but the fact that Adriana had the nerve to say my breakup with Romain was set up for press was very coldhearted and hurtful. Therefore, I feel I have the right to make a judgement on her lies about her marriage. She has played the victim for years to Lea as if she is this poor struggling single mother when this whole time she was married.

Everyone has the right to live their life as they wish, but it’s not fair to take advantage of people and pretend you are a victim when you really aren’t one. If I was in Lea’s position I would feel taken advantage of also, especially since Adriana gives a few different reasons why she didn’t tell anyone she was married. If someone can lie and betray her best friend like that, what kind of person is she? If the marriage was a mistake, where was the annulment? Or she could have still shared that she was married with Lea instead of using Lea to her advantage to help her out.

I don’t like to judge people as everyone has their own reasons for their decisions in life, but if I am mixed into it and someone accuses me of lying, then trust me, I will speak my mind.

And let me set the record straight: Lea never took my side when it came to the whole drama last year at Lisa’s lingerie party. Lea felt both Adriana and I were wrong, and of course she would express to Adriana that physically assaulting someone is just criminal, and Adriana is lucky she wasn’t arrested. Lea felt we both didn’t act like grown women, so in no way was Lea on my side. I’m not sure why Adriana keeps saying that she lost her best friend because of me. If my best friend would physically hurt someone, of course I would tell my best friend that it’s unacceptable behavior.”

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