Joanna Krupa: I Don’t Stink! Would Love Face To Face With Brandi Glanville


Joanna Krupa is speaking about her feud with Brandi Glanville. As you might remember, cheating allegations and ridiculous body odor gossip started the feud between the two Housewives last year. “[Brandi] was saying that my junk stinks!” Joanna said when she stopped by Access Hollywood Live. “That’s what she said! I don’t know what this woman has against me,” Joanna continued before asking Billy and Kit if they “smelled anything” as she wafted her scent toward them. The entire crew yelled “Nooo!”

Joanna also cleared up a few other rumors while she was on the show: Her house is not in foreclosure, new hubby Romain Zago is still suffering from a low sex drive and, once and for all, she insisted she did not hook up with Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband Mohamed Hadid. As for her feud with Brandi, Joanna “would love to get face to face with her” and talk things out.

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3 Replies to “Joanna Krupa: I Don’t Stink! Would Love Face To Face With Brandi Glanville”

  1. face to face…. now that would be a fair fight. Both Brandi and Joanna behave like low life women. Eveything that comes out of their mouths/brains stinks. Shame on Joanna for once again talking about her husband’s lack of sex drive for all to hear. Does she not know how to show any respect for the people she loves!!!!!

  2. Joanna is a beautiful woman with a beautiful life and that’s all brandi needs to attack you. brandi is a miserable, jealous, bitter nobody full of too much botox.
    Joanna could use some manners and growing up (the language), and she could be a fine addition to RHOBH,
    however, there is no hope for brandi (you cannot fix evil and stupid).

  3. Forget brandi and angryanna—they are bitter, jealous, shallow and beneath you……
    Move forward with you’re life and rid yourself of the haters……….

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